SODIC West is teeming with eateries catering to the thousands of families living in its various neighborhoods. Residents of compounds in the surrounding area also come to SODIC West to enjoy the various cuisines and cafes it has to offer. New on the block is Ottimo – Italian for ‘excellence’ – taking up two large storefronts in the new strip plaza near the mosque.

Ottimo claims to be ‘the neighborhood eatery’, offering a casual, laid-back spot for high end comfort food and eclectic takes on classic favorites at affordable, everyday prices. It has quickly become the go-to spot for residents of the area.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Signature dishes include the Fillet Chicken Bites, Beetroot Salad, Rocca Salad, Sweet Chili Chicken, Egg Croissant, and Eggs Benedict.

We began our foray into what promised to be a delectable evening in the outdoor breeze with the house Nachos, the crunchy and airy homemade chips were topped with all the nacho fixings you would typically find like sweet corn, red beans, cheese; but worthy of note is the delightful chip itself, and the citrusy Pico De Gallo that topped it.

Next came a playful plate of Chicken Bites with orange mayo sauce. Tender panko-crusted pieces of chicken sat one on top of the other on skewers lodged into a baked sweet potato, definitely a fun presentation that the little ones would enjoy.

Offering a crisp and moist respite was the Rocca Salad that came next. A bed of Rocca topped with green apple slices, raw mushroom, caramelized walnuts, shaved Parmesan and a house balsamic dressing satisfied on so many levels, pairing savory with sweet, vegetable with fruit, and tangy with earthy flavors.

The striking Beetroot Salad offered a vibrant, crisp bite, bursting with an explosive flavor that left us wiping the bowl clean. Worthy of note, the generous salad portions can be shared by up to four people if each will be ordering a main.

We were then treated to two mains that sealed our new found love for Ottimo, the Fillet Rosemary Sauce, and the Farfelle Salmon Pink Sauce. The fillet has inadvertently become a very popular dish at Ottimo, served with a choice of three sauces, the tender meat cut comes apart easily under even a regular cutlery knife, which it did for us. The Farfelle Pink Sauce was creamy and hearty, with a rich depth of flavor, a true treat for our taste buds.

With not an inch left to spare in our over-satiated tummies, down comes the Fried Ice-Cream onto our table. Cue the salivation. A crispy fried outer layer safely nestled a large scoop of authentic vanilla ice-cream within it, still intact. A definite must-have at Ottimo.

Décor & Ambience

Cool and contemporary, the gray and light wood color scheme is relaxing and sleek. A no-fuss, modern interior extends from the indoor to the outdoor area as well as the intermediary balcony in between. Carefully curated design elements give the balcony space a homey feel, while flat screen TVs throughout the venue ensure you never miss your favorite match or series when Ramadan rolls around. s

Beverages Available: Ottimo serves a wide selection of juices, cocktails, smoothies, coffees, teas, and soft drinks. Shisha is also served in the outdoor area.

Breakfast is served!

Breakfast is served from 10 am to 1 pm, and the last order is taken around 1 am, although you might find patrons still lounging around beyond that. Ottimo delivers its goodies to all the surrounding offices and homes in SODIC, and has recently signed a delivery deal with to deliver in the Sheikh Zayed area.

Worthy of note: Ottimo’s new extension, right next door, will house a bakery and communal tables, as well as a living-room-like space complete with a working fireplace!

Contact Information

Address: 23G, West Square Mall, Sodic West
Tel: 0122 736 6033
Instagram/Facebook: @ottimoegypt