Type of cuisine: The cuisine is fast, healthy, and wholesome. With a menu of classics: soups, salads, sandwiches, and desserts the food is simple with a global infusion. Flavors from around the world are made with local ingredients. Italian, French, English, and Thai flavors are created with love. Bistro No. 10 is fast food for the health-conscious consumer.

Concept: Simple, creative home cooking with a local focus.


Signature dishes: The best thing about Bistro No.10 is that there are no signature dishes. The owners created the entire menu then later refined it with a master chef. Who would have thought to put raspberries with beef? How can labneh and dried figs make kale taste like candy? Each dish is a signature of its own.

Dishes Sampled:

The dishes sampled at first glance seemed run-of-the-mill. One bite changed that assumption and our taste buds were overwhelmed with pleasure. Each item was fresh and intentionally aiming not only to be a healthy alternative to the fast food that is taking over Cairo, but a true culinary journey. Each dish was a 10 out of 10.


Vegan Apple Slaw

The Chevre



French fries with triple dips



Raspberry Roast Beef Sandwich

Thai Sautée Chicken Sandwich

Café Paris Sandwich


Other menu options that appealed: With every bite being so delicious it was easy to plan our next visit to Bistro No. 10. Lots of menu items to choose from all with unique flavor combinations that are different from the norm. A sandwich isn’t a sandwich if the flavors are matched perfectly. The top three items that need to be sampled on our next visit are the Burger No.10, The Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and the Crabmole dip!

Décor: The interior is made from all-natural materials and speaks to the time that went into making Bistro No. 10, a unique experience from start to finish. Everything is simple and plain, yet aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The tables and chairs are made from refurbished pallets, painted a fresh white and topped with comfortable cushions. The thatched roof, floors, and walls are all made with post-consumer materials, giving the décor a bohemian-chic feel.

Ambience: The ambiance is upscale family run sandwich shop meets California street corner. The décor and menu are high-end, but the ambiance is relaxed and cool. You will be drinking homemade ice-tea and eating kale while forgetting you’re in the heart of Cairo.

Beverages available:

Soft Beverages

Soft Drinks (Coke, Fanta, Sprite)

Iced Tea (lemon, lemon and mint, peach, or house special)

Fresh Juice (mango, orange, lemon, lemon, and mint)


Eat in/ Take-away/ Catering/Home delivery: Bistro No.10 has both an indoor and outdoor seating area and is currently an ‘eat-in’ bistro only with home-delivery plans in the works. Catering is offered and would be a great way to jazz up a business lunch, conference, or party.

Top Tip: The restaurant is quaint and intimate and has both an indoor and outdoor eating area. This is the perfect place for grabbing a quick and healthy lunch or dinner. Make sure your entourage is about 2-4 people for optimal seating and comfortable dining.

Clientele mix: The clientele at Bistro No.10 is a mixed group of Egyptians and expatriates with a refined palate. The restaurant is less worried about dress code and appearances and more worried about satisfying customers with delicious flavor combinations. Whether it’s a meeting, a quick bite, or a date, Bistro No. 10 is the perfect place.

Price range: The bistro is a triple treat restaurant; serving dishes that are healthy, delicious, and affordable. While easy on the wallet Bistro No. 10 won’t disappoint your taste buds.


Address: 10, Street 256, Maadi, Cairo

Opening hours:  12 pm- 12 am

Ramadan hours: 3 pm-2 am

Tel: 01210226690

Email: [email protected]