Online Fitness Trainers

Get that summer beach bod all-year ‘round with easily accessible big-name fitness trainers, right in the palm of your hands. Everything you need to tone, build, eat healthy and live healthy is available from the apps or social media accounts of these four well-known and highly respected fitness trainers.

So, get your phones or tablets out, and get ready to swipe your way to a better, fitter, healthier, happier you! Online Fitness Trainers

By Ahmed Talal

Monir Kansoh

Leaving no fitness stone unturned, Monir Kansoh has created the perfect online program to help you achieve your body goals. With the Monir Kansoh Fitness application, each user can answer a questionnaire that defines specific measurements and goals.

From workout walkthroughs to a detailed meal plan, this application is second to none. It features a unique shopping plan that reflects your customized meal plan; a nutritional guide designed to help replenish your body. He also offers an e-book full of calisthenics-based exercises with the appropriate rest times with reps and sets, with videos and healthy recipes. Online Fitness Trainers

If all of that wasn’t enough, his Summer Shred Challenge ought to do the trick by motivating people to become the best versions of themselves through a 3-month shredding challenge with enticing rewards at the end of their transformations. The top three rankings in terms of best transformations get a voucher that affords them a bunch of products from Optimum Nutrition to help them continue their fitness journeys.

Instagram: monirkansoh

Karim Ebeid

Karim Ebeid is a coach with a wealth of experience, leading people to the body of their dreams. Handling users of his application with the utmost care and attention, he works with people individually to improve their fitness goals. He customizes plans that cater to their nutritional needs without sacrificing all the foods people love to eat.

He trains a wide array of people who have a goal of getting on stage for bodybuilding shows or people who are just looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. Ebeid also checks in with people he trains to track their progress on a regular basis. Whether the goal is to build the right physique or build a healthier life, Ebeid is up for the task. Online Fitness Trainers

Instagram: karim_h_ebied

Mahmoud Ezz

A trainer who has changed the lives of all those who have trained with him would be an understatement. Displaying several before and after photos on his Instagram account inspiring people to join the movement, Ezz uses a very measured approach for people to see all the numbers involved with where they are physically and where they are headed.

An InBody test is conducted to reveal the internal composition of any trainee which allows Ezz to then customize a program for them. He coordinates with trainees through email and creates an invitational link to download his application full of ready-to-complete training sessions with video tutorials to act as a visual guide.

Ezz also personally messages his trainees with nutritional plans which can help them attain and maintain the results desired. Mahmoud works with his people hand-in-hand to provide them with everything to make sure that their goal is achieved.

Instagram: Mahmoud_ezz_11

Mizo Sultan

Specializing in resistance training, Mizo Sultan molds people into fitness fanatics that learn all the secrets to a healthy life. Whether the goal is to cut, maintain, or build; Sultan communicates with the people he trains to teach them what to do and how to continue leading healthy lives.

Sultan’s main objective is to educate people on things like flexible dieting and how to measure food quantities. He does so by helping people devise a user-friendly plan for their diets. Sultan delves into the scientific side of weight loss and weight gain by teaching people all the ins and outs of calories, as nutrition is primary and working out becomes secondary. Online Fitness Trainers

Teaching people compound movements in the gym to enhance their muscular endurance and to improve their stamina through these demanding workouts is a truly lethal combination that has proven to positively change the lives of many that have trained under the wing of Mizo Sultan.

Instagram: mizosultan