We don’t know about you, but we are so over channeling our ‘inner chefs.’ It was time to leave it to the experts and stop slaving over a hot stove. A quick phone call and One Oak for international cuisine answered our prayers.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Their signatures are excellent sushi selections and melt-in-your-mouth juicy steaks. Anyone who knows One Oak will include at least some of its exceptional sushi and sashimi in their order. There is a huge variety to choose from, all good in our experience, but on this occasion we opted for the range of New Style Nigiri and a variety of One Oak sushi and maki rolls. Every mouthful was an adventure, with perfectly fresh ingredients like eel, salmon, ginger, avocado, cream cheese and shrimp, with innovative touches like balsamic glaze and mango chutney along with the obligatory wasabi and pickled ginger. Just right for two to share!

For a change of mood we shared a generous serving of the new-on-the-menu Spicy Chicken Rolls. Imagine a warm, slightly chewy tortilla crammed with grilled chicken cubes, mozzarella cheese, red bell pepper, jalapeño pepper, sweetcorn, spinach and red beans, with a sweet chili sauce for dunking. No regrets there!

As we opened our main dishes we heaved a sigh of relief that we hadn’t gone overboard by ordering dessert. That would have been too much, by far! Our well-wrapped The Perfect Storm Burger came with a moist, tender beef patty, heaped high with mushrooms, grilled beef bacon, tomato, onion, lettuce and Swiss cheese, slathered in fry sauce. With generously cut fries on the side, it was everything we had hoped for.

The same can be said for the Angus Tenderloin Steak. Cooked medium rare as requested, it was still hot upon arrival, with large sides of oven-baked mashed potato, chunky fries, fresh al dente sautéed vegetables and a myriad choice of sauces. They were all tasty but it was the punchy, flavorsome pepper sauce that totally won us over.

Punctuality: A few minutes late, but that can be forgiven in peak traffic.

Ease of Ordering: Easy to order through the phone. All preferences were carefully noted.

Food Temperature: Everything arrived at the right serving temperature.

Presentation: We loved the chic black and white packaging and the well-sealed utensils. The dishes themselves were well presented within the limitations of the packaging.

Packaging Quality: Sturdy, secure and well-sealed with cling film.

Hygiene Standards: Excellent, with all items in pristine order. The delivery man was uniformed, wore gloves and a mask and adhered to social distancing guidelines.

Other Delivery Options that Appealed: The Crispy Orange Chicken and Mongolian Beef both look inviting. And we would definitely order the sushi selection any day of the week.

Price Range: Moderate upwards.

Worth Noting: One Oak also offers a full catering service.

Contact information:

Opening hours: According to current conditions. Please call to check.

Address: Majarrah – Sheikh Zayed Mall of Egypt – 6th Oct. Point 90 Mall – 5th Settlement
Tel: 16553
Facebook: 1oakeg
Instagram: 1oakeg