We couldn’t wait to sample the totally new menu at this iconic dining spot. It did not disappoint, as The Grill is known as one of the places to head to for fine dining in Cairo. Are you looking for a romantic dinner in Cairo? Read on!

Signature Dishes
The Grill offers French cuisine, from classic to contemporary. Wagyu and US Beef are signature dishes on the menu, but every dish has its own unique appeal.

Dishes Sampled
Our first bite came in the form of a dainty amuse-bouche. Just one little mouthwatering morsel of finely chopped fresh apple in something creamy, neatly wrapped in beef bacon. We could have happily demolished ten more, along with the selection of incredibly good signature bread rolls. Be warned; leave enough space for the great food that follows!

We shared a simple Garden Salad before our choice of Lobster Bisque and French Onion Soup. The salad was light, fresh and crunchy, with just a touch of dressing, leaving us keen for the heartier flavors of the soup. We know that the cuts of beef and lamb are always superb at The Grill, and with two size options, you can go with what works for your appetite. The US Fillet Steak in the smaller portion was still a very generous cut, and came cooked perfectly medium rare, as requested. We loved the variety of sides, almost a meal in and of themselves. The Potato Dauphinoise and Seasonal Vegetables complemented the impossibly tender steak, which also came topped with an oven baked head of garlic. The accompanying Sauce Béarnaise was a rich, decadent touch that brought it all together so well.

The Chicken Breast with Onion Marmalade and Feta cheese was also tender and delivered on flavor, as did the creamy mashed potato side. When it came to dessert, we couldn’t pass up on the Lemon Meringue Tart. From the sweet sharpness of the lemon curd, to the buttery biscuit base and the light foam of meringue, it served as fitting finale to a memorable meal.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

We would love to come back for the lamb, the duck, and quite frankly, more of the innovative side dishes.

Beverages available include a full bar with ample soft options as well.

Décor & Ambience


The Grill Restaurant & Lounge still retains its classic style. Yes, there are some edgy graphics on the walls, and the entrance could be anywhere from Tokyo to Paris, or New York. But, when you are ensconced at your table overlooking the Nile, you really do not need too many distractions. The adjacent lounge area has comfortable seating and is a pleasant spot for a pre-dinner drink.


Clientele Mix & Price Range

The Grill Restaurant & Lounge is perfect for couples, and groups of friends, and would impress as a business dinner venue.

Price range is high-end, but manageable.

Worth noting: The Grill is doing its bit for the environment. We loved the chic paper straws that came with our lemon juice.

Contact Information 

Address: Corniche El Nil, Cairo

Tel: 02 2798 8000

Facebook: InterContinental.AMEA

Instagram: intercontinental