The grill and oriental restaurant Mistiqa found a new home in Arkan’s new extension, where the sun rises and shines over its delightful terrace.

This branch is different from the others, not only for its modern design but for the extensive beverage menu that transforms it into an all-day venue where you can eat, drink, and hang out. They also deliver right to your doorstep.

By Aliaa Elsherbini

Type of cuisine: Grills and oriental food

Signature Dishes and Dishes Sampled

Eating at Mistiqa means three things: grilled quail, chicken livers, and Baladi bread. To wash off the heat on a sunny day, we started with fresh lemon-mint juice as we waited for our appetizers. The fresh Baladi bread arrived with an assortment of dips, tehina, tomeya, and baba ganoush. The bread is made right in front of you in a wood oven.Mistiqa

The vine leaves came next and were perfectly rolled and zesty. The chicken wings were nicely cooked and evenly coated with a crunchy crust that we dipped into a pink mayonnaise sauce, adding a hint of sweetness to the chicken.

It is hard to resist, but we recommend not overfilling with appetizers to leave room for the grilled meats.

The hero of the day, Mistiqa’s signature grilled quail, was served next. They come in two perfectly cooked pieces with a side of crunchy fries. The quail was juicy on the inside and grilled to perfection on the outside. It paired well with the liver rice, rich with the seasoning of the chicken livers.

We also had the Hawawshi, which was seasoned with aromatic spices that sang with every bite. The meat filling was tender, and the edges of the bread were crispy and delicious.

Other Menu Items that Appealed

The dessert trays kept on passing by, but we were too full to try any of them. We will make sure to make room for their rice and milk pudding next time. They also serve an inviting oriental breakfast that we would like to try on a sunny weekend.Mistiqa

Décor & Ambiance

This branch of Mistiqa is all about earthy vibes. Plants decorate the whole restaurant, even the entrance, and the furniture and wallpaper are all of the calm tones. The outdoor area was partly-sheltered with a glass door that permits the sunlight to shine through. It is modern yet comfy, à-la Greece’s Nammos, but humble and in the city.

Clientele Mix: Very family-friendly and ideal for big groups and weekend get-togethers.

Contact information:

Opening hours: 9:30 am – 12 am

Address: Arkan Plaza, Al Sheikh Zayed

Tel: 0105 050 2222 / 0105 050 3333

Facebook: mistiqaeg

Instagram: @mistiqaeg

Amaretti: Bite Size Sweet Treats