Confess they Have Feelings Without Spilling Yours

If you’ve had feelings for someone for a while but you’re not sure whether they like you back because they haven’t said anything, we have the perfect guiding steps that you can do to make sure that he/she confesses they have feelings without you spilling yours.

By: Mariam Elhamy

Make it light and fun

Associate the time you spend together with light conversation and fun activities. Always laugh at their jokes, compliment them, tease them a bit and see whether they tease you back. Being fun and quirky makes others a little more comfortable being themselves around you.

Initiate physical contact

Body language is everything. When you touch their arm, pat them on the shoulder, poke them or remove a piece of lint from their clothes or hair it makes the relationship a bit more intimate and shows that you’re interested. Watch if they do it back.

Talk about personal things

If you’re feeling okay to do so, talking about personal things will encourage them to open up about their own feelings and thoughts. Show them you trust them by talking about embarrassing things, dreams or fears, then really listen to theirs and don’t judge. This will make it easier for them to trust you and talk about anything.

Confess they Have Feelings Without Spilling Yours

Express interest in the things they like

Show more interest in what they enjoy and do it with them. Share your own interests, if you two are compatible and there is mutual attraction you’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company no matter what you’re doing.

Point out things you like about them

When you give attention to their specific attributes and details it makes them feel special and they’ll start noticing things about you as well.

Confess they Have Feelings Without Spilling Yours

Give them space

Don’t move into things too fast and scare them. Give them time to think about their own feelings and your relationship. Don’t be overly interested or too available when they call, keep your cool and give it time but don’t be arrogant.

Be straightforward

If it’s taking too long and you’re at a point that you need to know, ask them directly in a sweet or charming tone. Maybe play a game of truth or dare or find a fun way to warm into the conversation and ask them. Worst case scenario they don’t like you back but at least now you know where the relationship stands.

Confess they Have Feelings Without Spilling Yours

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