Maestro is a timeless, easily considered one of the best Italian restaurant in Cairo serving home-style Italian cooking with a gourmet spin. We visited to explore what their menu has to offer and left impressed!

Signatures Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Each section of the menu has a signature feature highlighted so guests can choose the best of what Maestro has to offer with a little help from the chef.

After being seated at Maestro the end-of-summer heat was getting to us so we thought we would start with some homemade iced teas. A lemon tea and a mint tea went down easy and were a great way to cleanse our palates before starting our meals. For starters we had the Mushroom Soup, rich and creamy, it gets full marks in our books. The addition of the truffle oil and ricotta cheese added new flavor notes and depth to the hearty soup. We then had the Caprese Salad, Fried Seafood Bites, and Beef Carpaccio, all of which were absolutely perfect in their taste and presentation. The simple dishes were crafted and presented like a work of art. Pleasantly surprised at how flavorful our starters were, we were excited for our main courses. We chose the Risotto made with candied pears, Gorgonzola cheese, and walnuts, it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious,  and the Seafood Fettuccine made with homemade noodles and a tomato sauce adorned with lobster meat, and finally the Beef Tenderloin smothered in porcini mushroom sauce. The Beef Tenderloin was medium rare, exactly how we ordered it, and surpassed our expectation in the juicy and flavorful department. The mains outdid the appetizers and to end the evening we had two coffees and every dessert on the menu including the Tiramisu, Ricotta Cheese Mousse, and Pannacotta Two Ways. The Tiramisu was the showstopper and a great way to end a perfect meal.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

The menu is concise but each dish is crafted with intention, and includes a hearty pizza section. Next visit to Maestro will include a Romana Pizza topped with anchovies, capers, and olives, as well as a Quatro Formaggi Pizza with four types of cheese and truffle oil.

Beverage options include a wide variety of both soft and hard drinks.

Décor & Ambience

The decor is retro-chic with formal dining tables and salmon colored walls creating a very rustic and authentic vibe. Walking through the doors into the intimate restaurant was like teleporting to a small family-owned restaurant in northern Italy.

The ambience was relaxed and refined with an air of sophistication.

Clientele mix:  Hotel guests primarily but also regulars that keep going back again and again for the unique dishes at Maestro.

Price range: Above average but won’t break the bank.

Hot tip: Maestro is located in the beautiful Intercontinental Hotel in Heliopolis, so after dinner, drinks, and dessert at Maestro why not stay for a relaxing shisha by the pool.

Contact Information

Intercontinental CityStars Hotel Lobby

Omar Ibn El Khattab Street Heliopolis, Cairo

Hours: 4 pm – Midnight

Tel:  02 2480 0100