By: Mariam Elhamy Poke bowls in Egypt

Following the popular trend of Poke bowls in some of the world’s leading culinary capitals, the owner of Let’s Poke was inspired to open the first dedicated restaurant to Poke bowls in Egypt. Hawaiian Poke dishes are not only healthy, but they are also colorful, delicious and are made right before your eyes using fresh ingredients in just a few minutes. All healthy food enthusiasts will love this! We paid a quick visit to find out what’s in store, here’s what you need to know before trying it out yourself.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled Poke bowls in Egypt

Their signature bowls are the Salmon Poke Bowl with Ponzu soy sauce and the tuna with wasabi mayo sauce. The menu is comprised of three parts: first you pick a protein, four add-ins, a crunchy topping and a sauce. There’s a variety of protein options, vegetables, nuts, fruits and sauces available that you mix and match, or you could just pick one of the signature bowls.

The base of every Poke bowl is steamed rice; we went for the salmon special with pink salmon cubes resting on a bed of warm steamed rice, edamame beans, cherry tomato halves, crunchy spring onion slices, sweet mango cubes, sesame seeds and Ponzu soy sauce.

We also gave the Chicken Poke a try, the bowl had the typical steamed rice base, topped with seasoned grilled chicken cubes, edamame beans, sweet corn, pomegranate, avocado cubes, crispy onion and honey mustard sauce. Our bowls were quickly assembled in front of us and they were a delight to watch.

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Ambience & Beverages Available

It’s like we stepped into a Hawaiian eatery. The place is oozing with beachy vibes, flowers and hula girls. With a couple of tables in the back and some high-chairs in the front, this place is perfect for a quick meal after the gym or for those who are looking for healthy fast food options to take on the go. There are currently no drinks available, possibly serving drinks in the near future.

Clientele Mix: Fitness enthusiasts, young crowd. 

Worth Noting: New items might be added to the menu soon. Wait for some healthy smoothie bowls and fresh juices. Delivery and takeaway options are available, you can now order through Otlob.

Price Range: Very reasonable.

Contact Information 

Address: 3 Fouad El Ahwani, Zamalek
Opening hours: 12 – 10 pm
Tel: 0103 098 5701
Facebook / Instagram: @LetsPokeegy