By Maeri Frances

With seven planets in retrograde motion this month, it’s small wonder we feel that life is on hold. Your well-made plans have probably bitten the dust by now anyway, so maybe it’s time to rewrite the script. That, actually, is where retrogrades are so useful. We can use this time to refine and review our lives, to trim down the unnecessary and re-invent where needed. Then we can go forward with a better version when the time is right.

P.S. Don’t forget to read your rising sign as well if you know it.

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

Time for a makeover.

Venus, that lovely planet who oversees beauty, romance and relationship harmony (or not), is now retrograde in your birth sign. Unsurprisingly, you may feel that your social life and general sense of enjoyment is a bit lacking. Consider this a time to revamp your wardrobe, get a new look, and indulge in a little self-pampering.

Aries: Time to think long term.

Magic wands are in short supply these days, so you will have to roll up your sleeves and get on with things. Career matters, let’s face it, are anything but rosy, so it will take a lot of patience and persistence to get results. And patience isn’t your style! Finances are a bit iffy, so it seems that you need to avoid unnecessary splurges as well. The bright side? Catch up with old friends and chat online.

Taurus: Who pulled the carpet out from under my feet?

The current climate isn’t working for you at all. You thrive on routine, and like to feel you can depend on things to stay much the same. Not the case these days. So, look at your positive attributes and how you can adapt to a very different playing field. See what structures in your life work, and which ones are based on outworn habits. Simple as!

Cancer: Why do I feel so misunderstood?

Challenging though it may be, try to get most of your tasks completed before the 18th of the month. That is when Mercury, known to be tricky at times, will go retrograde in your birth sign. From that point on, you will need to think carefully before speaking, writing or reacting. You may be extra sensitive and feeling very moody, so could over react at the wrong time.

Leo: Keep the important things in focus.

You like to feel in control, especially around the work-front. Your natural leadership qualities shine in that area. Now, with a new set of circumstances to cope with, you need to see how your skills can be put to use in a more flexible, intuitive way. Do take care of your health as well, no one is invincible.

Virgo: Patience is a virtue.

Your practical nature is a boon when the going gets tough, as friends and family know. But this month may see you tested when people close to you seem to be avoiding good advice and throwing commonsense out of the window. Try to be a calm voice of reason, and be as reassuring as possible.

Libra: Let me out of my cage!

You may be feeling the constraints of the current situation more intensely than many. Your need to interact, both online and directly is leading you into situations you might not normally consider. And sadly, sometimes the result makes it hardly worth the risk or effort. Time for a reality check!

Scorpio: Let’s try a re-think.

You can be inflexible and opinionated at times, go on, admit it! But now, even your most entrenched points of view could be on shaky ground. There’s no loss of face if you start to question the status quo, and your mental powers are well suited to digging deep and coming up with the right answers. Go for it!

Sagittarius: Guard your source of income.

Let’s not pretend that June will be a bundle of fun. Not for you, not for anybody. Exercise some damage control by setting a budget and ensuring that essentials are taken into consideration. You may come up with some good strategies and money earners if you look carefully into how you handle your income and outflow.

Capricorn: Yes, you can do it!

When you lose patience with patching up situations, and trying to fix what is barely workable, it may be better to start over with a new plan. Use this period of planetary retrogrades to mull things over, weigh up the value of your current situation, and do a major overhaul not too far down the line. Food for thought, at least.

Aquarius: Having crazy dreams?

There’s a lot to process these days, and if your little grey cells are overloaded, it may surface in your sleep. You can offer a lot to those around you with your objectivity and ability to see the positives in change, and the time is coming when you can be a source of courage and inspiration for others, so hang in there.

Pisces: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

It is becoming clear how important your network of buddies and acquaintances really is to your mental wellbeing. You need to share your thoughts, and vent occasionally, and they are always a source of reason and comfort. This month with feisty Mars teaming up with Neptune in your birth sign, you need to be careful how, and where, you let off steam.