By: Mariam Elhamy

Have you been getting really hungry scrolling through your Instagram and looking at all the delicious food photos? It’s so hard to curb your appetite when you have all that unhealthy food popping up in your feed, check out this list of Instagram pages that help you cook and eat healthier from some equally delicious food!


When your dishes are colorful that usually means a well-balanced meal. Follow BeFitFoods to learn how to make all your dishes this colorful and just as nutritious!


You don’t have to quit burgers, tacos and pasta when you decide to eat healthier. Just follow @EatTheBear‘s recipes for healthier burgers and more.


Tired of the same diet that never lets you eat anything you like? Learn how to make healthy and guilt-free desserts and more with @YourHealthyWorld.


We all get hangry sometimes and we end up eating the wrong things and ruining our diet. Well, @HangryforHealth is here to save the day with delicious recipes that will make you forget you’re even on a diet at all.


Get your meal prepping skills on fleek! @HealthyFoodAvice has all the tips you need to get lean and strong!


When you need to follow a tutorial to perfect a recipe @healthyfoodvideos will provide you with step by step videos to do just that.


Healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless or disgusting. @DeliciousHealthyVideos have all the recipe videos you need to learn how to make your own delicious healthy food.


Craving fast food? Don’t give in just yet because @CleanEatingNation is here for the rescue with many vibrant dishes that will fill you up and quiet your cravings.


Take out your old recipe notebook and take some notes because @HealthyFoodMag have some awesome tips for yummy dishes that are super good for you.


If you’re new to the whole healthy cooking/eating lifestyle @FoodGuidelines will provide you with all the tips you need to know to keep eating and feeding your family well.


You don’t have to grab that calory filled croissant whenever you’re running late, just check @HealthyMinuteMeals for quick healthy recipes to make on the go.


Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard at all if you follow the right guidelines. @WeightLossWell is the perfect account to have on your feed giving you tips and tricks every day.


A well-balanced meal is satisfying and fulfilling, learn how to make one from @ColorfulFoodie‘s daily recipes.


No diet plan yet? Don’t bother paying all that money and going to the doctor, just follow @Diet_Factory for healthy delicious meals for the whole family.


The name pretty much says it all. @HowToFoodPrep has tons of recipes, tips and motivation to keep you eating healthy.


Be smarter about your food choices and learn how to make everything from scratch with @HealthyFoodIQ.


The yummy looking recipes on @FoodHealthyy are all you need to be making at home to stay in shape and even lose the extra weight.