When you set out  to combine Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Indian and Japanese food under one roof it could all go horribly wrong. Wonderfully, the friendly, high energy team at Indish seems to have nailed it. If you’re looking for one of the best places to eat near to you, consider this unique restaurant. Although still in the soft-opening phase, we found the food to be great, the atmosphere buzzing and the tables full.

Type of Cuisine & Signature Dishes

Indish offers a mix of Pan Asian/ Far Eastern/ Teppanyaki cuisine. Signature dishes include the Chicken Butter Masala, Shrimp Konafa, Dhal Makhni, Crispy Duck with Pancakes, Teppanyaki.

Dishes Sampled

With so many options to choose from, and many of our hot and spicy favorites featured, we handed the task of selecting a variety of dishes to the Indish team. In retrospect, we may have gone a bit overboard, as portions are generous, but no regrets.

First things first, we kicked off with the complimentary shrimp crackers and sweet chili dip with a long cool lemon and mint juice. We could have opted for one of the amazing sounding smoothies, mock-tails or traditional lassi drinks, but maybe next time. The starters arrived promptly: Thai Beef Salad, Shrimp Konafa and a stellar Chicken Egg Noodles. Everything was authentic in flavor and well presented. As big Dahl Mahkni fans we had high expectations, and it met them. Mopped up with fresh Garlic Butter Naan bread, it was a meal in itself. Thank you Chef Pandish.

Chicken Butter Masala followed, with Chicken Biryani and Chicken Tandoori, then Chili Chicken with Ginger. Chicken overload?? Not at all, as every dish had its own unique flavors and spicing, and the chicken was perfectly moist and melt-in the-mouth tender in all dishes. By then we had realized that we had come across a rare treasure, a neighborhood restaurant that could cater to our wildest food cravings; and with world-class quality. Then came the Teppanyaki Salmon, pink and flaky, expertly seasoned and delightfully presented.

Desserts followed, a syrupy Gulab Jamun and a cool, fresh take on an Apple Crumble. The delicately poached morsels of apple contrasted well with the fresh whipped cream and buttery crumb, a combination made in heaven. Norway-trained Chef Reem modestly admitted it was one of the recipes she had brought back with her. We sat in silence, perhaps overly well fed, and humbled by the sheer joy of the experience.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

We would work slowly through each menu, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Teppanyaki and back again. Repeat.

Beverages include all soft options, with an excellent selection of juices, smoothies, lassi, mock-tails and hot drinks.

Décor & Ambience

The décor reflects the menu, touches of each country are reflected throughout. We loved the green wall as well. Seating is both indoor and outdoor, with shisha an outdoor option. Adding to the mix, we found TV screens liberally distributed, although discreetly covered by artwork in the outdoor area. Until the match starts! Somehow the combination of upbeat music, busy chatter and the flames and action at the teppanyaki station all added up to a great vibe. We enjoyed it to the max.

Clientele Mix & Price Range

Clientele include couples, small groups of friends. A great, relaxed venue for anyone. 

Price range is reasonable. Amazing value, we suggest sharing a variety of dishes.

Contact information:

Opening hours:  2 pm to 1 am.

Address: Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed.

Tel: 0111 333 3234

Facebook / Instagram: IndishEgypt