March Horoscopes

Whew! That was quite a February for many of us. With such a powerful lineup of planets in airy Aquarius, our lives should have been both shaken and stirred. It’s time to catch your breath and look forward to a (slightly) calmer March.

By Maeri Frances

P.S. Don’t forget to read your rising sign as well if you know it.

Happy Birthday, Pisces!

Changes on the home front.

Grab what moments you can to relax these days, they will be rare. Be ready for major upheavals around the home, with tempers and frustration levels high. Luckily Venus is cruising through your sign, giving you a diplomatic edge to use. Your dreams may be scarily real these days, and it could be worth analyzing them to see what messages your subconscious is asking you to deal with.

Aries: Money matters figure strongly this month.

Unexpected expenses may add to your frustrations this month, so try to have something on the side to cover emergencies. Generally, it is not a good month for making major purchases, so try to stick to a routine budget. Friends may be a mixed blessing, and you could get caught up in their problems. Try to be objective if you are handing out advice, everyone has different needs.

Taurus: Chill, if you can!

Temperamental Uranus is still in your career sector, making you rather restless. People you answer to may be erratic, demanding and unreliable, and you could be looking for a change. With a lot of expenses still to be handled, it may pay to wait a little longer before jumping ship. Take a deep breath and battle onwards…

Gemini: Less haste, more speed.

Whatever is bugging you may be seething in your subconscious and disturbing your sleep patterns. Meditation may bring some clarity, so dig deep into your holistic and philosophical side. Patience is needed on all fronts this March. Small accidents and injuries are possible, mainly due to carelessness, so take things a little more slowly.

Cancer: Give friends some breathing space.

Planets in fellow water sign Pisces are harmonious for you, and Venus may throw some romantic vibes from someone at a distance. Whatever plans you have may be best kept to yourself for the moment, try thinking things through in a calm state of mind. Financial issues may play a role in some decisions, especially where others are involved.

Leo: Social activities may pick up this month.

After a period of relative quiet, you may be ready to get out and about. If you are mixing and mingling with friends, remember that social distancing protocols are still in place. There may be some business possibilities linked to your networking, so bounce a few ideas around and see what you can put together. Partnerships have potential and offers can come out of the blue.

Virgo: Focus on work and health.

This is the time of year when you may feel a bit under par. There may be additional responsibilities at work and in your daily routines, so make a plan and try to stick to it. Use free time to research and keep up to date with innovations and new tech, it could be useful when you least expect it. The second half of the month brings someone interesting into your life.

Libra: Travel, study, explore!

There is plenty of energy in fellow air signs, which suits you perfectly. You should be feeling unfettered and more at peace with yourself. Restlessness is stirring you to change your routine, and get away from the daily chores and responsibilities. Get out of town if the chance arises, even somewhere local. Nature will be a tonic and will improve any niggling health issues you may have had.

Scorpio: Spare a little time for romance.

Venus and Mercury will add a bit of sparkle to your love life, and boost your creative juices to no end. This could be a good month to explore any talents you may have hidden. Committed relationships and partnerships may be up and down, but take time out for yourself if you feel you are at breaking point. Avoid arguments over money if possible, get the facts in place and stay rational.

Sagittarius: Inspiration flows.

Your little grey cells may be functioning super well, so try to jot down ideas that pop into your head before they get lost in the business of the day. If you can work in unison with someone else, the results should be productive, especially where communication is important. By the end of the month your interests may veer to sports and having some fun. Why not?

Capricorn: Financial strategy could pay off.

All that hard work you have been putting in should start to show results. Don’t you deserve a bit of downtime and fun now? With money matters more firmly under control, you might even be able to spend on something you have been wanting for a while. Communication, in general, is well-aspected, with more time to discuss topics of a social or cultural nature, rather than business.

Aquarius: Long terms plans may come to fruition.

Something you have been planning for a while might be closer to reality, but you may need to be patient a while longer. Finances may have a slight upturn as well, but you still need to exercise frugality for a while. Self-discipline may come more easily these days, out of necessity rather than desire. Consider it a learning curve.

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