By Maeri Frances

With three major planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, turning retrograde this month it may seem that recent progress may stall or face new roadblocks. Don’t give up; your resolve is being tested. It is a time to reinforce and refine what is worth working towards. The end result will be built on stronger foundations.

P.S. Don’t forget to read your rising sign as well if you know it.

Happy birthday, Aries!

April in a Nutshell:  Good things come to those who wait!

Use the first couple of weeks of April to do a bit of inner soul searching. You may have a relationship that you are reluctant to go public with, and communication will be kept away from prying eyes and ears. By the 20th, life could suddenly seem a lot more exciting. Career challenges are there in the coming period, so stay on the ball.


April in a Nutshell: East, west, home is best.

Your party mood is full on, so keep in the loop with friends and groups whose activities you enjoy. Travel plans may face cancellation or delays due to unforeseen events, so have a Plan B in place. As the month moves on you may benefit from slowing down a bit, time spent alone will allow you to get your thoughts together.


April in a Nutshell:  Network while the time is ripe.

You may find yourself in the right place at the right time this April. Handy connections could come through your work or introductions by friends. Cooperation and support are still strong in your life, but make sure that financial matters do not throw a spanner in the works.


April in a Nutshell: Polish your public image.

You are in the public eye this month, so make sure you let your inner charisma glow. How you look and what you say will stay on record, in peoples’ minds at least. Close relationships are still creating challenges, so don’t push things to the breaking point. A little breathing space for all involved will help.


April in a Nutshell: Decisions, decisions.

You may be considering a trip overseas, or visitors may arrive in town. Don’t let this distract you from other issues, it seems that a health matter needs attention. Tackle this head on; it is not likely to go away without practical action. Your daily routine may seem boring and humdrum; try to make it more fun.


April in a Nutshell: Get your finances in order.

Yes, we know that balancing the books can be a drag, but now is the time to cut back on unnecessary indulgences. If you make an effort you could find support and solutions you hadn’t realised were available. Change your mind-set and look for low-cost ways to enjoy your free time.


April in a Nutshell: Balance work with play.

If something seems lacking in your life, it could be that you need to make an effort to invite people into it. A renewed enjoyment for your work and daily habits could open up the path for a new relationship if you are single. You may also need to give more time to a family member.


April in a Nutshell: Stay positive.

Your mind can be known to plunge into some pretty dark places at times, and it is easy to drag friends and family along with it. Try to deal with any fears and anxieties privately, rather than let the mood affect relationships. Work and health matters look positive, and it is a good time to add to your wardrobe.


April in a Nutshell: Look at what you need to feel secure.

This month you may feel as though the rug has been pulled out from under your feet. Try to see it as a wakeup call, and shake off a few cobwebs. You are being challenged to tap into your creativity and sense of adventure, let go of any feelings of insecurity and take the plunge.


April in a Nutshell: Walk that tightrope.

With two major planets going retrograde in your birth sign you may find yourself questioning a lot of things you had been taking for granted. Even though this may affect your self-confidence, don’t buckle. Dig deep within yourself and stick with what feels right. Better days are not far off.


April in a Nutshell: Are you being your own worst enemy?

It can be tempting to feel that everything is going against you at times. This month you need to sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk with yourself. How many of your problems are really due to your own lifestyle and attitudes? Make an effort to put a few changes in place, you will find others willing to support you.


April in a Nutshell: Finances should be improving.

If you play your cards right you should see a boost in your bank balance. Work matters pick up, especially for the self-employed. Friends may be giving you stress, and sensitive soul that you are, you may let their woes drag you down. You can’t solve the world’s problems, just be there for them when they need to vent.