Secrets on How to Reignite the Passion in Your Relationship

By: Mariam Elhamy

When your partner becomes too predictable and the fire is not there anymore that doesn’t mean that the love has died, it means it’s time to rekindle the romance. We’re not about to get cheesy on you so stick around because we’re unveiling the secrets on how to reignite the passion in your relationship.

Communication is Key

Make time for open talks that are straight from the heart. The key here is to skip the “How are yous and how’s work?” and get down to real business, like “How are you really feeling lately? What’s been on your mind?” and actively listen. You could spice it up by playing quizzes and asking questions, and if you want to really make it count you could both write down a list beforehand of all things that made you fall in love and read them out loud.

If any of you holds resentments you should also talk about these unresolved problems and the things that have been ticking you off to start healing, forgiving and moving on.

Showing Appreciation

When you’ve been in the relationship for too long you kind of take the things that your partner does for granted. Like when they wake up early to wake you up for an appointment or a meeting, bring you something to eat before you even say you’re hungry or fixing things that need to be fixed.

Think of all the small things that your partner does without being asked and give them a small token of appreciation, could be a gift, a letter thanking them or just tell them how much you appreciate them, it goes a long way.Secrets on How to Reignite the Passion in Your Relationship

New Activities New Memories

When was the last time you acted spontaneously? Take a dance lesson, go to a cooking class, a book club, go kayaking in the Nile or just stay out late dancing together.

Whatever you and your partner are interested in doing, new activities make you discover new things about each other, strengthens your bond and creates new memories to cherish for life.

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Physical Affection

Don’t hold back on the small but cute gestures. Remember when you used to hold hands while you crossed the street? Or when you used to brush the hair away from their forehead to see their face better?

Focus on bringing these small actions back because you might not know it but your partner probably misses it.

Date Night

Maybe you don’t do that as much anymore or it’s always the same. Make an effort, really dress up and go somewhere nice or even go to a quiet place and play board games and challenge each other.

Go to places where you have great memories from early in the relationship. Surprise them by planning secret dates and do something they like for a change.

Secrets on How to Reignite the Passion in Your Relationship

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