Goal Setting

By Ahmed Talal

If you are serious about success, then you will have to learn the art of goal setting. It is truly a fundamental principle of any successful individual, as it helps set a clear target to be achieved with a step-by-step plan.

The detailed plan guides you through your process, and aids in keeping you on track. Think of your goal as the monumental target that you want to reach and in order to reach it, you should set smaller objectives which will propel you forward on your mission.

It’s All in the Details

Goal setting is much easier if your smaller objectives are jotted down so that everything is precise and clear from the get-go. These objectives can even be set on a daily basis so that all your efforts are directed with purpose without wasting your valuable time, money, or effort.

Think of your daily objectives as a daily to-do list that you can cross-out once that specific task is accomplished. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses that you possess will become clearer as you begin to tackle all the obstacles that may face you on a daily basis.

Speaking of obstacles, you will definitely face your fair share of them on your way to achieving your ultimate goal. Obstacles can be related or unrelated to your goal, like the lack of time, or unforeseen circumstances for example.

Regardless of any obstacles, you can find that reaching your goal can be easier if you find yourself a form of motivation that can push you further when you’re feeling stuck.

Keep the Vision

The best form of motivation will be envisioning yourself achieving your goal, which is why vision boards can help. A vision board will act as a source of motivation each time you look at it and help you push through the obstacles by visualizing your goals. Sometimes even the smallest break can enhance your mood and leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

The everyday process that you go through brings you one step closer to your goal. Pushing through an unpleasant day or lack of motivation will just add to the sense of accomplishment in the long run.

The importance of not giving up may sound cliché, but it is 100% true because the only guarantee in giving up is that there is no way for that goal to manifest. By not giving up, regardless of the circumstances, the possibilities are endless and you will not regret that decision no matter what the outcome is.

Discipline is the Key

Discipline is also a fundamental principle to reaching your goal because this is the one key aspect that allows you to keep pushing when there is resistance. Once developed, discipline is strengthened with repetition.

The only way to truly sharpen that skill is to do something that is uncomfortable on a daily basis, as it contributes to your tenacity and builds character. Developing discipline helps you refrain from self-sabotage, from giving in to weakness and eating that piece of cake, rather than ploughing through and feeling accomplished in that small feat of resistance.

Saying no to yourself and others when necessary goes hand in hand with achieving that grand goal. Going through that internal struggle and winning is the key to achieving that external goal and making it manifest into your world.

  • Do not despair when things don’t go your way.
  • Remember that those small daily improvements will make a huge difference over time.
  • Record your objectives and goals.
  • Find your sources of motivation.
  • Develop your discipline.
  • Stay true to yourself and eventually you will reach your goal.

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