Of the most common health problems faced by men are heart-related issues. In this month’s article, Tabibi will give you tips on always being on top of any underlying heart issues.

With age, the health of a man’s cardiovascular health becomes a high priority. According to Tabibi’s Specialist Dr. Karim Mashhur, males should regularly check their heart functions, a service Tabibi provides, through its clinics or home visits.

What To Do

Moreover, it is essential to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle to preserve heart function in the face of aging by staying at a healthy weight and being physically active, a nutritious diet should keep cholesterol levels in check.

While staying active reduces stress and prevents any unhealthy behaviors that come with stress like smoking and stress-eating. Besides preserving your heart’s health, keeping a balanced diet and exercising regularly keeps your blood pressure levels in check.

Maintaining a healthy heart comes down to six factors; exercise, body weight, diet, stress, cholesterol, and blood pressure. According to many studies, people who take these six points seriously have a 90% lower chance of developing heart diseases.

Having a family history of heart problems can be problematic, and that is why no matter how young or old, it’s important to understand that heart disease is a lifestyle disease and could be easily avoided if the right measures are taken.

Tabibi’s specialists are ready to give you a heart check-up if you need and if you have any questions, call 16724 to book an appointment.

If you are feeling any pain or tightness in your chest, make sure to seek immediate help.

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