In an effort to re-boost tourism, hotels have gotten the green light to reopen, however, with limited occupancy and with very high standards of sanitary and precautionary measures and regulations to once again safely welcome guests and employees. Here is everything you need to know about the current standards and regulations for hotels and resorts.

To start with, only hotels that abide by the hygiene safety regulations formulated by the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities in accordance with the World Health Organization’s guidelines are permitted to resume operations.

These hotels have clinics with a resident doctor, protective kits and disinfecting materials to hourly disinfect surfaces and public areas, in addition to the availability of high-quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for both employees and guests.

Check-in procedures:

Firstly, e-bookings are made easier than ever with electronic payments and quick information-filling electronic forms. Once at the hotel, check-in procedures are done electronically or with disposable pens and all pieces of luggage are sterilized before entering the premise as well as at the end of your stay. And last but not least, regular temperature checks will be held every time the guests enter the hotel.

Here’s What To Expect During Hotel Stays:

– Regular temperature checks for guests each time they enter the hotel.
– Daily temperature checks for all workers and employees.
– 14-day quarantine for employees returning from vacation to ensure that they do not transmit anything to hotel guests.
– Providing separate housing for employees.

Don’t fear overcrowding as maximum load in elevators is restricted to 50% of its capacity and single room capacity is limited to two adults with only one child permitted if it’s a family room.

Food and Entertainment:

Hosting weddings, parties, and entertainment activities are not permissible for the time being.

-Only preset menus are available as buffets are temporarily put on hold.
– Dining tables will have a minimum of two meters between diners.
– Maximum capacity of 6 chairs at each table
– Hookah and shishas are still banned for the time being.
– Disposable cutlery is available
– Sanitizers on all dining tables


But the good news is that pools, beaches as well as gyms will be open, but only for guests, not for any outside visitors or non-guest daily users. However, strict cleaning and distancing measures will be put in place for these facilities.

– Swimming pools will be disinfected following international standards
– A minimum of 2 meters distance between sunbeds
– Personal use towels are delivered to rooms
– Spa facilities are not operating yet
– Jacuzzis, saunas, steam and massage sessions remain prohibited

Hygiene Procedures:

There is an increased cleaning and disinfection frequency of all hotel areas daily.

– Using POSI tools
– Using steam machines to clean fabrics and furniture
– Using high-temperature water to clean used towels and linens

Incidence Response Protocol:

Bearing in mind that there is a possibility that a guest might fall ill, there is an incidence response protocol that hotels and resorts will follow. First of all, each hotel has to have a resident doctor available at all times, and an onsite clinic. And a hotel floor will be allocated for quarantining minor non-critical and suspected cases. And all hotel workers and employees are educated on the virus symptoms and the basic precautionary measures against COVID-19 to help themselves and guests.

And fear not as the Ministry of Health and Population will be running frequent routine checks on the opened hotels to make sure that they are abiding by guidelines and regulations set by the government and not overlooking any hygiene or preventive measures.