Do you really know what your kids are watching, what is feeding their minds – day in, day out? It could be time for a wake-up call according to Hoda Rashad, Content Platform Founder of Honest Content.

This YouTube vlogger comes with impressive credentials and a strong background in education. After making a TED X presentation in Cairo, Hoda transitioned from being a teacher to launching an online vlog. There were so many people out there with worthwhile messages to share, but they lacked the technical know-how and time to go online. They needed a platform. A YouTube channel named Honest Content was launched to broadcast content from all around the world covering a variety of topics and featuring role models – real examples from people who could have a positive influence.

Effectively Reaching Young People Through YouTube

  • As early as 2014, global research showed that around 40% of female and 43% of male online users consumed daily vlogs. They depended on individual influencers on YouTube to get their information.
  • If the over 35s feel a disconnect with the way they think, and the way millennials see things, it because the younger group sources its information through laptops and other devices.
  • YouTube is the third most used platform globally, with around 5 billion videos being viewed daily.
  • Younger viewers are more dependent on this medium, and equally, more easily influenced.

Age Groups that Follow Youtube

The main range is from 18 to 49, but primarily YouTube videos are watched by those under 32. Many in this age group do not even own a television.

Other Social Media Platforms Influential in Shaping Opinions

Instagram and Snapchat are on the rise, as are TikTok, and IGTV from Instagram. YouTube is still holding a strong viewer base though.

How can Platforms be Used in a Positive, Informative and Socially Useful Way?

… Enter Hoda Rashad and Honest Content!

  • Whoever discusses a specific topic, should ideally be a qualified expert on that topic.
  • The main goal should be to disseminate information with a vision for a greater good and use your voice for the betterment of the community.
  • Even if the channel is being used for entertainment, it should be of some benefit to the viewers.

The Dangers in Millennials Blindly Consuming What They Read or See Online

Hoda Rashad advises we must be aware that online advertisers aim to place their messages on the most widely viewed content. It doesn’t matter what that content is, in fact the most viewed content is viral or sensational in nature. The internet is descending into a void, where it keeps disseminating this information. It keeps pushing out messages that may not be of value, which may not have content that improves society. This is a time of extreme connectivity, and a time of complete disarray. There is a cycle through which advertisers are rewarding the content being viewed solely based on figures, not the message being given out. Viewers may equate real value of content with popularity, without looking at what drives it.

There is always the argument put forward by Hollywood that violence in movies does not necessarily encourage violence, that showing negativity is not always a negative message, such as horror movies with evil. But we must always look for balance. This is missing at present; there is a lack of regulating bodies to assess content that is loaded directly online, although YouTube has restrictions regarding swearing and pornographic material. Often there is no fact-checking or in-depth analysis of the effect of material. That is the danger zone of immediate publishing, content just goes directly from one person’s mouth to the viewer.

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