healthy food alternatives

It is easy to gain weight when you are not careful. The key to losing weight or maintain a healthy weight is not to stop eating but to make more conscious decisions and swap unhealthy and processed ingredients with more nutritious and filling options.

Nutritionist Nour El Ganzoury is bringing you healthy alternatives to all of your favorite foods. The list focuses on Ramadan foods, but it is also a general guide to healthy substitutes.

By: Aliaa ElSherbini


  • Start your iftar and meal with a light vegetable-based soup instead of creamy or Lesan Asfour soups. You can choose one vegetable to make your base out of or mix all your favorite vegetables in one soup.
  • You do not have to give up sambousak, but bake them in the oven instead, and opt for homemade ones rather than the processed and frozen packs.
  • Swap the rice in the stuffed vine leaves and Dolmas with quinoa, as it is lower in carbs and higher in protein.healthy food alternatives
  • Opt for wedges rather than French fries to minimize the grease while keeping the crunch.
  • If you want a fizzy drink, go for sparkling water instead of Cola, Sprite, or Fanta to spare your body the extra sugar.
  • For a snack or a light dinner, instead of having a bowl of cereal, make oatmeal.


Who said you can’t have dessert and still be healthy?

  • For a healthier dessert, go for sorbet instead of ice cream.
  • Bake your Katayef in the oven instead of deep-frying them. Then add natural honey and nuts over them, instead of sugary syrup or Nutella.healthy food alternatives
  • Instead of having Basboosa and Konafa, choose desserts made with natural nutrient-dense ingredients such as nuts, dates, honey, seeds, nut butter, oats, avocado, raw cocoa, and fruits.
  • To satisfy your sweet tooth while still replenishing your body with the necessary nutrients, opt for bananas or dates after your meals.
  • Make sugar-free Hibiscus or use honey instead of sugar in your juices and Ramadan drinks.
  • Don’t give up desserts, but having it in moderation still holds relevant.

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