Hamaki Thrills a Huge Audience

By Mai Omar

Last November, The Parking at Cairo Festival City Mall was the host to over 10,000 people who came from all over Cairo to sway to the tunes of the mega star Mohamed Hamaki in the first live concert in New Cairo organized by GT Events.

The crowds warmed up early to DJ Ahmed Mahgoub’s crowd-pleasing mixes of the latest hits. Later on, Mohamed Hamaki made his grand entrance singing his massive hit Nefsi Aba’a Gambo, accompanied by a breathtaking lightshow that made the whole experience feel surreal.

Agmal Youm was performed next, after the star addressed his audience and promised them a smashing concert full of surprises and special guests. A few hit songs from his latest album followed, with Yezalzel sending the crowds into a frenzy, singing and dancing to its oriental beats, while Odam El Nas had the audience singing at the top of their lungs.

Hamaki then took the audience down memory lane with Garrah Eih and his almost 15-year old smash hit Ahla Haga Feeki.

Showing off his piano skills, Hamaki performed Rasmak Fe Khayali, also from his latest album, and crowds cheered loudly as a surprise marriage proposal took place live on stage! Hamaki chatted with the couple and congratulated them.

For the special guest appearance, Mohamed Hamaki welcomed his longtime friend and talented composer Tamer Ali on stage and together they performed some favorites like Ma Balash and We Eftkart, which the crowd sang almost from beginning to end with minimal support  from the star, which shows how deeply embedded these hits are within the hearts of his fans.

A few more of his latest hits followed, until finally Hamaki gave the crowd what they all wanted to hear; his patriotic song Om El Donya which ended the concert on an amazing high note, leaving the fans dancing and enjoying the music for a while after Hamaki had exited the stage.

The concert overall was outstanding in terms of organization, venue choice, and pre-entertainment; a show that will never be forgotten.