How could we resist throwing in a few ‘must haves’ for the men in our lives?

Become a Safari Chef


GoSun Fusion solar cooker can serve up a meal for a whole family simply by tapping into sunlight. It works by using parabolic reflectors to focus sunlight into a vacuum tube, converting almost 80 percent of it into heat up to 300 degrees Celsius. The tube keeps the food hot, too.

The Ultimate TV


Sleek as a sculpture, the LG Signature Series OLED TV R fits into any room with style and discretion. Roll it up to binge-watch your favorite series, to catch the match or the newest movie. Then simply roll it down until the mood hits again. And in case you were going to ask, yes, the screen quality, resolution and color are all top-notch. An expensive indulgence maybe, but we are sure it will simply leap off the shelves.

Follow Your Heart


HeartGuide from Omron is the first clinically accurate, wearable blood pressure monitor that can track your heart data and let you learn how your lifestyle habits impact your heart health.

Get Your Message Across


e our thumbs getting bigger, or is it just keypads that are shrinking? Royole flexible QWERTY keyboard comes to the rescue. It can be laid down on any flat surface and connected via Bluetooth. It may not have the tactile enjoyment of a full keyboard, but it gets the job done. At the push of a button, it will roll up again. The keyboard is expected to enter the market sometime mid 2019 via Royole’s own site and sellers like Amazon.