By: Mariam Elhamy

What’s better than bringing Mexican food to movie night? Gracias’s new movie meal combo has it all, from quesadillas to fried chicken, to nachos and dips! Find out why this is our pick of the month for meals to accompany your ‘Netflix and chill’ nights.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Their signatures are the Fried Chicken Tacos, Beef Steak Tacos, and Churros. Since nachos are a movie’s best friend; they go together like fish and chips, which is why we started our movie with crunchy Nachos and Gracias’s fresh dips. We enjoyed the zesty tomato salsa, peppery green salsa (made with cilantro and pepper), cheese dip and sour cream. We were then super eager to try the fried chicken tacos, which is basically fried chicken strips wrapped in corn flour based soft tortilla bread and crunchy white cabbage, went well with the cheese dip.

Time for Quesadillas! With a side of fresh pico de gallo drenched in olive oil, what could go wrong? The quesadilla was mouthwatering with a generous filling of chicken, onion and pepper slices all held together with melted cheese, we only wish it had been a tiny bit less oily.

For dessert, we dipped our Churros in yummy caramel sauce, the perfect sauce for churros. We prefer churros to be less crunchy and softer on the inside but for those who like the crunch it is perfect.

Punctuality: The order came on time, but the earlier you order the better.

Ease of ordering: You can order through the phone.

Food temperature: The quesadillas and tacos were warm so you better eat them right away before they get soft. The churros and nachos were room temperature and the dips were chilled.

Presentation: The movie meal combo is basically ready for you to just assemble and eat right away while on the couch watching TV. The colorful dips and sides make it look extra appetizing and are easy to handle.

Packaging quality: The nachos and quesadilla came in environmentally friendly paper boxes. Everything else was packed tightly. No spills or sogginess. Everything was placed separately to stay crisp and fresh and each dip came labelled. Everything was ready to serve straight out of the box.

Hygiene standards: The boxes were clean and neat. The delivery man wore gloves and a mask, which was very reassuring.

Other delivery options that appealed: The Shredded Chicken Burritos seem yummy.

Price range: Very reasonable.

Contact information

Opening hours: Orders can be placed from 10 am (last pick up 5 pm and last delivery order 4:30 pm)
Address: Capital Promenade, Sheikh Zayed
Tel: 0122 579 6925
Facebook / Instagram: @Graciaseg