Gorilla Fit App

Fitness freaks and getting-in-shape hopefuls are all going ape over this new fitness app. Creator and leading fitness trainer Hassan Gabr tells us why!

After a few attempts to formulate an effective online program, I was lucky enough to meet my partner and founder of ‘Welnes’, Amr Saleh. We partnered up to bring the Gorilla Fit App to life. Our goal was to bring a social aspect to online training, which is what people seek when going to gyms and fitness centers, and which was lacking from online fitness platforms.

We technically married Instagram and Facebook to a fitness app and came up with Gorilla Fit: a social fitness app!

Within the one month challenge, you get:
  • A daily meal plan (with special options such as vegan, breastfeeding, or pregnancy meal plans besides the regular plan). This includes recipes, ingredients and cooking directions.
  • A daily training program with instruction videos by Hassan. You can choose between a home-based or a gym-based workout program.
  • Group support: A chat feature within your group and a wall/feed where you can interact with other members.

You’re expected to log pictures of your meals, snacks, training and water intake for which you get points. These are posted on the app feed where members can like and comment. Members with the most points (top 7) are featured on the leaderboard and receive gifts by the end of the challenge.

There’s also a question tab where you can post to ask our coaches and nutritionists anything throughout the challenge, along with exclusive daily content from the team about nutrition and exercise that’s not available on our social media platforms.

The social aspect makes it such an effective way for people to stay on track with their nutrition and fitness goals for sure! The fact that you’re not doing this alone, you’re in a group of at least 30 to 40 other people encouraging you and motivating each other to stay on track and holding each other accountable.

And you also have the support of professionals whom you can ask anything along the way. In 10 months, we’ve amassed over 8000 members joining our challenges on the Gorilla Fit App, which we believe is an amazing number for a startup with no external funding.

Tips for staying healthy and fit during Ramadan:

  • Don’t skip suhoor. That’s your fuel for the fasting hours. Make sure it includes a source of protein and enough fiber to keep you full and energized for longer.
  • Build a balanced plate for iftar that includes carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and healthy fats.
  • Start your iftar meal with a warm bowl of soup as a gentle primer to your stomach that would help revitalize your body and set electrolyte imbalances.
  • Go easy on desserts: don’t overdo it, but also don’t restrict too much.

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