By Nahla Gamal

How can makeup empower women without the influence of unrealistic beauty standards? This is an important question many makeup and beauty professionals try to address through their work.

Makeup is a tool that can enhance your natural features and help you look your best without changing how you look. The latest makeup trends focus on achieving a clean, natural look, with nearly all the major makeup brands launching new foundations with special ingredients to achieve a more “skin-like” natural finish. Bold eyeshadow colors like ruby red, blue and green are spring’s color trend to watch, so don’t be afraid to include a pop of color on your lids paired with nude lips.

6 Flawless & Timeless Tips

  1. Prep before makeup is a must. Good skin is the perfect makeup primer. Use moisturizer, serum and eye cream that suit your skin type and create your own morning and evening skincare ritual to suit your lifestyle.
  2. Use the right shade and texture of foundation. This is crucial for having a seamless and skin-like makeup look. Use foundation only to even out your skin tone, don’t create a face mask. The best way to determine your correct shade is to swatch along your jawline down to your neck. If it blends into your skin, then you’ve got it right!
  3. Create a glow and highlight your face. Focus on highpoints like your cheeks and the bridge of the nose, but make sure to keep highlighted areas away from your problem areas. For a boost, spray a dewy skin mist on your face when finished.
  4. A good concealer can be a lifesaver. If you have dark circles and puffy eyes, grab your go-to concealer or on a good day, it will brighten the area under your eyes.
  5. A little contouring gives dimension and warms up the skin. Use a contour shade that is more taupe than orange, and a cream contour gives a softer effect.
  6. The right tools help you achieve softer and more seamless makeup. Using your hands is definitely a good way to blend, but also invest in good brushes and a good beauty sponge.

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