Garnell is a fusion restaurant offering sushi and poke bowls with the goal of offering some of the best sushi in New Cairo.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Garnell’s signatures are the family-size sushi platters for couples or groups to share. From nigiri to sashimi to fried rolls, the signature style at Garnell is mix-match-share!

Arriving early to Garnell was a treat as we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. We took in the ambience and quickly ordered starters. First, we started our meal with shrimp two ways, first was the Shrimp Crackers with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds, then the Shrimp Soup, hearty comfort food. The Salmon and Shrimp Balls and Seafood Salad made for light starters. We went for one of the family style sushi platters from the extensive sushi menu. It included Nigiri, Hoso Maki, Sashimi, Ura Maki, Fried Rolls, and Temaki. The sushi held its own with a variety of flavors, colors, sizes, and styles. Of the crowd favorites, are the California Roll, Salmon Sashimi, and Philadelphia Roll. Some of the most notable rolls were the Dragon Roll; eel and crab meat topped with avocado and sesame seeds, as well as the Temaki Salmon, a large and unique hand-rolled cone filled with salmon, avocado and rice. For dessert we had the chocolate fudge cake and molten cake to end the dinner on a sweet note.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

The sushi was fantastic, but next time around the Teppanyaki Chicken and Teriyaki Beef are on our must-try list. Overall, the menu has many options to mix and match including a section of sushi for vegans and vegetarians.

Beverage options include soft drinks, juices, teas, and sodas.

Décor & Ambience

Zen-chic decor with modern materials and earthy tones. The simple tables and chairs create a crisp and clean look with an Asian flair.

Garnell’s offers a warm and airy dining space with a peaceful ambience that is rare in the bustling metropolis of Cairo. The mood is inviting and is appropriate for a quick bite or an evening out.

Clientele mix: Mixed clientele from students to professionals looking to dig into some delicious sushi.

Price range:  For sushi and fusion food the prices are economical with a lot of bang for your buck. If you are a sushi-a-holic, Garnell won’t break the bank.

Contact Information

Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday: 12 pm to 12 am. Thursday to Sunday: 12 pm to 1 am.
Address: Cloud 9 Mall, Mohammed Naguib Axis
Tel: 01200105221
Facebook / Instagram: GarnellEG