Gaia Wellbeing

Gaia, in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, offers expert clinical and counseling psychologists and psychiatrists available for consultations. In line with Gaia’s holistic approach, a yoga team also provides clients with an opportunity to care for their body, mind and soul.

Co-founder and Senior Clinical Psychologist, as well as marriage and family therapist, Yasmin Magdy says, “I had always been inspired to come back to Egypt and establish a place where all the psychological needs of a person were available under the same roof, addressing clinical problems such as anxiety, OCDCs, depression, personality disorders and addictions. A hub for child and teenage therapy, marriage and family therapy, and psychiatry.”Gaia Wellbeing

Magdy’s partner, yoga instructor Engy Elguindy, “shares the same dream,” says Magdy, “We joined forces and created this beautiful place called Gaia, where we were fortunate to be joined by a very strong team of psychologists and a yoga and mindfulness team.”

Services extend to psychotherapy and psychiatry for all clinical disorders, couples, marriage and family therapy, child therapy, addiction counseling, hypnosis, yoga and mindfulness, in addition to workshops for parenting, addiction and psycho-education and support groups.

Gaia’s team of psychologists is comprised of clinical and counseling psychologists who have a minimum of a master’s degree in their field of expertise, as well as a team of the best yoga instructors, trailblazing a shift in the way Egyptians see yoga and how it positively affects one’s mental health and state.Gaia Wellbeing

Contact info:

Address: Gaia Wellbeing, Beverly Hills, Sheikh Zayed

Tel: 0100 463 6683

Facebook: GAIA-Wellbeing-105481994401447

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