best seafood in 6 october

Fl!p is an adorably retro little food truck that simply screams ‘seaside’ with its summer-inspired menu, and it rolls out some of the freshest, tastiest seafood-based eats we have had in a while. Seafood, with everything from wraps and bites to burgers and sides.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

The signature Fl!p Burger made with teriyaki salmon, Poppin’ Shrimp Bites, Shrimp Avocado Wrap, Smoked Salmon Wrap. The fresh evening air at Street 88 in Palm Hills had perked our appetites up no end, so we welcomed the Poppin’ Shrimp the second the dish hit our simple wooden picnic table. Fresh as can be, large and succulent, with a crunchy exterior that worked superbly with the Fl!p spicy mayo dip, they disappeared in a flash.

Being big fans of fish and chips, it was inevitable we would put Fl!p’s to the test. While cod is not generally available, the dainty bite-sized pieces of seabass made an excellent substitute. The delicate fish retained its flavor in the super light, crispy batter, and the tartare sauce was as authentic as it comes. The fries were a hit as well, just the right size, served piping hot, and not greasy at all.

We had already heard how good the wraps were, so decided to try both. The combination of crisp lettuce, fresh avocado, and shrimp in the Shrimp Avocado Wrap was elevated by the tangy cocktail sauce, and the neat wrapping of the soft whole wheat tortilla bread made it easy to handle and bite into. A healthy option yes, but it certainly delivered on flavor and was quite filling.

The same went for the Smoked Salmon Wrap. The combination of smoked salmon, white cheese, lettuce, wasabi mayo and capers worked well, so give it a try! Both wraps came with a sizable portion of extremely good sweet potato fries, so even more reason to eat healthy.

Although we had really eaten rather well, our curiosity was piqued by the Fl!p Burger. Salmon teriyaki with avocado is a winning combo, and the simple addition of lettuce and a whole wheat bun allowed the flavors to shine. The Crispy Shrimp Burger was also a hit. Kids of all ages find it hard to resist shrimp tempura, and the light kick of the spicy mayo and sweet chili is a real crowd-pleaser.

We could have wound up with a soft serve ice-cream dessert, but chose to pass. Maybe next time.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages 

Although Fl!p is really all about seafood, there are two beef options available, The Stuff’d Burger made with South African beef, stuffed mushroom, cheese and Fl!p sauce, and the Surf N’ Turf Burger, which combines beef with shrimp tempura and cheese.

best seafood in 6 october

Beverages include Soft drinks and Red Bull at present, but juices, smoothies and milkshakes are planned for the near future.

Décor & Ambiance

Situated overlooking the football pitch, Fl!p has a casual, laid back feel. There was quite a buzz of activity, even on a Sunday evening when we visited. Seating is comfortable yet simple, and the presentation is neat and attractive with obvious attention to detail.

Social Distancing & Hygiene Standards

Seating is open-air, and food is presented in neat hygienic containers. We noted that the chefs were wearing masks and gloves throughout our visit, and felt reassured that all precautions were being taken seriously.

Clientele Mix: Anybody and everybody. This is food that is family-friendly, albeit with a gourmet edge.

Price Range:  Reasonable.

Worth Noting: Delivery is available in Palm Hills for larger orders, within a 10-minute radius in order to maintain the food quality.

Contact information:

Opening hours: 2 pm to 11 pm

Address: St 88, Palm Hills

Tel: 0100 554 0324

Facebook: FLIP Egypt


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