Favilla Lounge

This cozy restaurant in Sheikh Zayed has given its menu a major upgrade with creative new dishes. We popped in for an early dinner to scope out what’s new and deserves a try! Looking for the best breakfast in Cairo? Find out if Favilla Lounge passes the test!

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Signatures dishes include the Polpette Di Pollo, Filetto Oliva and Parmigiana De Melanzane.

We sat down and chatted with the very welcoming owner who helped us select appetizers from the new-and-improved menu to start. We began with Avocado Salad, which was delicious and delivered an explosion of flavor. Strips of grilled chicken smothered in mango chutney, lying on a bed of lettuce, sprinkled with sweet corn, crunchy apple and bell pepper, and a thick zesty green-colored dressing, which came to us on the side. We also tried Shrimps Coconut, pan-fried shrimps wrapped with crispy Japanese breading and served with Tartar dressing – a comfort bite to say the least.

For our main course, we had two new items: Crispy Tender Chicken Sandwich with chili sauce, Drawn Roll Chicken, and two wonderful steaks. We started with the chicken dishes. If you like crispy chicken, this burger is a must, the combined flavor of the classic burger toppings, cheddar cheese, and chili sauce works. Next, we dove into the Drawn Roll Chicken, a roasted chicken roll with a tasty marinade, stuffed with gouda cheese, mozzarella cheese, fresh mushroom, smoked turkey, and served on layers of tasty angel hair. We followed with Monterey Jack filet. Charcoaled to perfection, the beef filet came topped with sliced beef sausage with a homemade queso cheese sauce, served with fresh vegetables and French fries. However, the Berry Tenderloin was my absolute favorite meal at Favilla Lounge. My filet was brought to me with their renowned berry sauce alongside two other sauces: coffee bean sauce and their signature Filetto Oliva sauce. After dipping our medium rare meat into all three separate sauces, we were in love!

For dessert, we headed for Favilla’s Cookie Pan and the Lotus Cheesecake. The pan is described as a taste of heaven at Favilla Lounge, and the taste indeed lived up to the metaphor. The Lotus Cheesecake was a perfectly satisfactory last-bite before we set out for home.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

The rib-eye steak, described as flame grilled, fatty beef cut, marinated carefully, perfected with Garlic Maison Butter is definitely one to try during the next visit.

Beverages options include a wide variety of (non-alcoholic) beverages, from sodas to juices, and hot drinks.

Favilla LoungeDécor & Ambience 

A mixed clientele, from friends or work groups, to girls on their laptops, and families, all enjoying the semi-outdoor terrace overlooking the calm side entrances to the mall. The lounge has a casual-meets-luxury feel. It is laid back, spacious, with music and screens throughout the venue (for all you football lovers).

Price Range: Moderate

Contact Information
Opening hours: 9 am to 2 am.
Address: Plaza 34, Sheikh Zayed
Instagram & Facebook: @favillalounge