A landmark in authentic fine dining Lebanese cuisine, Em Sherif has recently opened its first branch in Cairo. Luckily we were the first ones to sample all the delights it has to offer.

Dishes Sampled

We had opted for a brunch menu on a midweek day. As we skimmed through the menu we were guided by a very attentive waiter. It is very helpful when staff is aware of the menu and able to make recommendations, especially when it is your first time.

Our order consisted of a selection of salads, cold and warm appetizers, followed by an omelet, mana’esh and a hot main plate. The idea was to have all the food served at once for true family-style dining.

We started off with the classic salads: tabbouleh, fattoush, lentil and beetroot. The tabbouleh salad was super fresh, served with a dash of lemon zest, which gave the salad an even more refreshing and tangy appeal. The fattoush was delicately cut in small pieces topped with crispy deep-fried bread, all served with clear attention to detail and beautiful presentation.

The simple beetroot salad was packed with flavor. A pleasant surprise was the lentil salad garnished with coriander and baby radish leaves. An addition of pomegranate sauce gave this salad to a deeper flavor profile.

In the sequence of the plates we were served our dips of hummus – topped with pine nuts, mutabal (Lebanese style eggplant dip) and goat labneh – served with caramelized crushed walnuts. As we scooped up our salads and dips, our cheese omelet, foul and falafel and mana’esh arrived.

Foul and Falafel platter was garnished with pickled olives, cucumber, radish and served with tahini and mint leaves dips as sides. Both mana’esh options, cheese and lahm bel ajin, were spot on. The cheese flatbread had its flavor enhanced by sprinkled nigella seeds while the lean ground beef went very well with a squeeze of lemon.

All our dishes were incredibly presented and flavorful and the highlight of our experience was the Hummus Shawerma – highly recommended by the management. Creamiest hummus spread on the bottom of a plate topped with savory meat shawerma served alongside charcoal grilled tomatoes and pickled cucumbers.

We were then treated to heavenly desserts served in jars and plates. Outstanding pistachio brioche, words couldn’t do justice to the softness of the pastry, the crunchiness of the pistachio and the sweetness of the ice cream in the middle. There was a touch of rose water which you can feel in other desserts as well.

The traditional Ghazl Banat was also served on a plate. In jars we sampled the Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Banana Halawa and the Rice Pudding. Desserts are quite large so you can easily share with the whole table. We wrapped it up with a cup of coffee and tea with mint.


The subtle lavender color of the walls along with the mirror oriental forms decorating the wall makes a clean and elegant impression. Oh, the plates are beautiful and a piece in the concept of Em Sherif, where the food is the main attraction. Situated on the street level, the restaurant makes the most of the natural light indoors, with skylight windows. The outdoor area is comfortably arranged, giving enough space between tables.

Beverages: Soft drinks, juices and coffee

Price range: Reasonable

Contact information

Opening hours: 9 am to 10:30 pm

Address: White by Waterway, New Cairo

Tel: 0102 250 0345

Facebook and Instagram: @emsherifcafe_eg

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