A mainstay for anyone who loves the written word, Diwan has now launched a book club and live weekly talks with writers and other members of the cultural world. Live signings of new publications by popular authors also help in drawing together the community, with recent signings taking place with Ahmed Murad for his latest offering, Bir Al-Wataweet.

Making the most of the summer throngs in Sa7el, author Sherif Loutfi launched his newly released best-selling title HALF at Diwan in Diplo during August. Also featured in August, writer and translator Mai Serhan went live on Diwan’s Facebook page to share her experience of translating the songs of “the father of modern Arabic music”, Sayed Darwish. Anyone who missed the live broadcast can still catch it by visiting the Diwan Facebook page.

During August, Diwan bookstore also uploaded the second monthly Diwan Book Club interview on Diwan’s Facebook page, conducted by Dr. Rasha Samir who interviewed Dr. Hossam Badrawi, the well-known doctor, politician and respected professor about his book on tomorrow’s dreamers. Coming up, there is a one-on-one with prominent author and journalist Mohamed Salmawy. As part of the weekly live, a monthly webinar with an international Enneagram author and expert is also being held.

Diwan Workshops, book club

In addition to the ongoing live talks and book club interviews, a wide range of courses is available to develop readers’ appreciation of books and creative literature. ‘Books to Practice’ is a well-constructed course that Iman Refaat designed after many years of personal trials, evaluation and corrections in order to develop a system that helps weave the books you read into your daily life.

The course is offered online and covers guidance on how to select what we read, how to summarize the books we read using different formats, how to transform the books we read into a structured, applicable, and timed action plan, how to reflect on our action plans and evaluate our progress and how to create basic mind maps and use them in practicing the content of a book.

‘Turbo Brain’ and ‘Bullet Journaling’ courses are also offered by the same instructor to help you lead a more organized, productive, and contented life. ‘Fiction Factory’, the popular fiction-writing workshop is back on a monthly basis offering three days of all the basics needed to write your first story.

Keep up to date on all Diwan activities by regularly checking the Facebook page, and stay tuned for Diwan’s new website.


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