Coy Breakfast in Heliopolis

Coy is located on the corner of a busy street in Heliopolis, concealed by a green wall of plants. Coy is an everyday spot in the neighborhood for anything from a great breakfast to an international dinner.

Dishes Sampled

We started our breakfast with a nutritious Recovery Bowl which consisted of a base of coconut milk-soaked oats, topped with white quinoa, mixed berries (frozen), sliced banana, whipped cream, yogurt, and sprinkles of dark chocolate, served with honey on the side. It is a sizable portion and can be easily shared by two. Definitely a healthy and comforting choice, with fresh flavors and a feel-good factor, making it a wholesome start to your day.

Following our healthy start, we deviated to more hearty options. First came the Continental Omelet, a warm crispy, buttery croissant, filled with scrambled eggs and beef bacon, on a layer of melted cheddar cheese and smoked turkey.

This sandwich is served with guacamole on top of the eggs and comes accompanied by fresh crunchy lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad on the side; beautifully presented and garnished with orange zest and baby radish leaves.

Our second sandwich option was a toasty and cheesy classic one: Cheese Toast. Toasted rye bread, melted mix cheese, tomatoes, green onion and red pepper puree, for some added moisture. The Cheese Toast is served with spicy mayo sauce and fresh salad.

To wrap it up, we fell for something more sinful. Lotus Drama, a date cake, topped with Lotus sauce and crushed nuts. A show for the eyes and a pleaser for any sweet tooth. We are glad we finished our breakfast on such a pleasant note accompanied by a cup of Americano black, no need for sugar.

Other Dishes that Appealed

We had tried Popcorn Latte but not the Milkshake version on offer. Also Coy is more than breakfast, the mains and desserts looked very appetizing for lunch or dinner. Next time we are in the neighborhood!

Ambiance and Decor

Coy has a very spacious outdoor area, which is a super plus these days. The cafe interior is clean and elegant, with grey and green accent chairs that contrast with the dark ceiling and wooden installations.

Coy Breakfast in Heliopolis

Clientele mix: Heliopolis residents, families and friends.

Price range: Affordable

Contact information

Address: 24 Al Horreya St., Heliopolis

Telephone: 0102 062 6120

Working hours: 10 am to 2 am

Facebook / Instagram: @coy_eg

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