With the booming of the coffee industry in the world, Cairo could not be left behind on the latest trends. Straight from Greece, the Coffee Lab is the first and only Greek franchise of “third wave coffee” in Egypt. Proud representative of a coffee movement that emphasizes and appreciates high quality coffee.

Drinks Sampled

We were in for a take away order on a Friday morning, greeted by friendly staff who were very eager to give us an overview of the different brewing methods and roast profiles. After getting familiarized with the difference between Freddo (ice cubes), Frozen Shakes and Cold Brew, we opted for more summery options.

We started off with the iced version of the Spanish Latte which is a café con leche – equal parts coffee and milk. Ours was three layers of espresso shots, milk and milk foam, cooled by adding ice cubes. Surprisingly refreshing and delightfully balanced. The ice cubes did not make the coffee diluted and watery and you still taste the coffee to the last sip.

Our second option was the Biscollino Oreo, which again we opted for the cold, decaf version of. The name is very suggestive – Oreo is always a crowd pleaser. Our drink looked like a milk-shake, with added chocolate sauce and crumbles of Oreo biscuits, a go-to for the sweet toothed. Along with our order we had a Frozen Caramel Frappe. The blend of caramel, coffee, ice and milk is heavenly creamy and slightly buttery.

Last from the cold options we enjoyed very much was the cold brew of the Ethiopian beans. The slow process in which this method (cold brew takes 4 hours and then its bottled and stored in a fridge) works takes the most out of the beans and the Ethiopian is a light coffee which suited this method very much. To wrap up, we had a warm cup of the Spanish Latte. This drink, like many others, comes in cold and hot versions, with the hot version just as good as the cold one.

Other Menu Options that Appealed: White Chocolate

Décor & Ambience

Lovely interior, world map of coffee growers, wall graffiti. Very well-lit and spacious. There’s a wall display of coffee and tea for purchase just opposite the cashier.

Clientele Mix

We would assume by the set up and atmosphere that you’d run into college students, groups of friends, the self-employed.

Price Range: Mid-range.

Worth Noting: Take away and delivery available for New Cairo only.

Contact information

Address: Concord Mall – Street 90 – New Cairo
Tel: 0110 110 0095