Chicken & Ribs Restaurant

Chicken & Ribs, the successful southern comfort kitchen has now landed in Zamalek, in a spacious venue in the newly refurbished ICONIA building (formerly known as the AUC dorms). Serving a massive menu of soul food goodness; country fried chicken, tender brisket, and the only juicy short ribs in town! This is cheat day heaven.

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Ribs, slow cooked for 12 hours and smothered in BBQ sauce, Turkey Leg, a giant turkey drumstick slow cooked and served with gravy, and Potato Skins, topped with cheese and chili con carne in ICONIA.

Starving and ready for hearty food, we dived right into our massive order. We ordered the Potato Skins, followed up by an order of Ribs, Turkey Legs, and the Big Mamma Special.

The Potato Skins were delicious and perfect for sharing – a whole potato split in two, topped with melted cheese and a generous portion of chili con carne. But nothing can really top the main courses to follow.

The Big Mamma Special can be served with either dark meat, white meat or a mix – we opted for the white meat. Five generous chicken strips, fried crispy golden, arrived with a portion of Mac n Cheese and coleslaw. Delicious and fiery Buffalo Sauce perfectly complemented the crispy chicken and we didn’t want the meal to end! The Mac n Cheese was the perfect partner for this meal, gooey and cheesy. It’s important to note that the chicken served here is both hormone and antibiotic-free and brined to perfection for maximum juiciness!

The star of the table had to be the Turkey Leg, which was both massive and totally satisfying. Slow cooked to perfection, the meat was falling off the bone, definitely not a dish to miss. Each main course at Chicken & Ribs comes with two sides, and we choose the mashed potato and corn on the cob – both are recommended. Although the restaurant has Chicken in the name, we can’t ignore the meat! The Ribs, smothered in tangy sweet BBQ sauce, were tender and juicy from the slow cooking process over a period of 12 hours. For those who don’t mind a bit of juicy fatty meat, this is a dish that can’t be found easily in Cairo.

We washed down the meal with a classic American Peach Iced Tea, and left room for dessert. The Churros, fried pastry rolled in cinnamon sugar, and Sweet Potato Pie are both delicious! We recommend you leave space to sample both.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available  

We’d love to try the BBQ Brisket Cuts, as well as the Louisiana Chicken Sandwich on our next visit. There is a selection of delicious sandwiches that caught our eye; the Pulled Brisket and Hickory Chicken Sandwiches, as well as the Southern Fried Chicken Breast.

Beverages offered include soft drinks, as well as fresh juices, milkshakes and mocktails.

Décor & Ambience

Chicken & Ribs has ample courtyard seating and a small selection of indoor tables for those who seek shelter. The décor is colorful, with diner-style seating and upbeat music and TV screens for entertainment.

Clientele Mix: Groups of friends mingling and socializing on the weekend and families enjoying a meal together.

Price Range: Average to above average depending on what you order.

Contact information

Address: ICONIA Zamalek, 16 Mohammed Thakeb St.

Tel: 0121 111 3300

Opening hours: 9 am to 12 am

Facebook: Chicken & Ribs

Instagram: chicken_n_ribs

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