By Mai Omar

Juicy, generously topped with cheese, and perfectly grilled burgers are an authentic American comfort food best served with crispy fries. That is exactly what you get at Char Bar. Although the restaurant is still in its’ soft opening phase, we enjoyed its’ laid-back atmosphere, perfect for a weekday hangout with friends after work!

Dishes Sampled

We started off with a light Beef Taco Salad; the barbeque sauce added sweetness to the red beans and sweet corn. The flank steak could have used a little bit more cooking time, but gave a harmonious flavor to the salad. The nacho chips paired beautifully with the dish and absorbed the salad dressing slightly.

The signature Char Burger was everything you would expect from an all-American burger. A medium-well, perfectly seasoned beef patty topped with beef bacon, lettuce, mushrooms, a fried egg, and chips for an added satisfying crunch.

Next we dove into the Chili Hotdog topped with flavorful, mildly spicy salsa cruda, chili beef and a divine cheese sauce. A tender chicken breast was the base for the Chicken Burger. It was perfectly fried, seasoned and topped with blazing jalapeno peppers that delivered the heat.

Vegetarians will be thrilled to find an option for them on the menu. Topped with delicious melted Camembert cheese, the vegetarian patty is comprised of chickpeas, celery, eggplant, and grilled zucchini for an extra smoky taste, and avocado for a rich, thick, creamy finish.

All the food was served with a side of regular fries, but we also sampled the Parmesan Fries, which are fried in truffle oil, needless to say, we were more than satisfied with the outcome. The Vanilla Milkshake was a hit as well; the whipped sugar syrup, and vanilla ice cream made it extra thick and creamy. The Virgin Mary was a little extra salty for our taste, but had a pleasant spicy, zesty flavor.

A mid-sized cookie pan followed. The famous American dessert topped with melting vanilla ice-cream was served with a twist; instead of the regular chocolate or caramel sauce, the chocolate chip cookie was topped with raspberry preserve which added an unusual tangy element to the whole dessert.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

Char Bar has even more plant-based items and side dishes like the Beetroot Chips and Sweet Potato Fries, which we’d definitely love to sample on our next visit.

Beverages include American style milkshakes, soft drinks, mock-tails, and beer are available.

Décor & Ambience

Soft lighting, comfy chairs and couches are all there to help you kick back and have fun in a laid-back atmosphere. There are two large TV screens so you can enjoy entertainment while you eat. The bar’s entire wall is dedicated to the menu to help you order with ease as you have a cool drink. 

Clientele mix: Large groups of friends and family will definitely enjoy this restaurant.

Price range: Slightly above average, but the quality of the food is worth the price.

Worth noting: Our drinks were served with paper straws instead of plastic straws, a gesture we found commendable.

Opening hours:  12 pm – 12 am

Contact Information

Address: 35 Giza St, Dokki

Tel: 02 3567 1600

Facebook: CharBarCairo

Instagram: @fscairofr