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COVID-19 Vaccines

Tabibi: COVID-19 Vaccines: Myth vs. Fact

The Egyptian government has planned to vaccinate 40 million people, and as of June 1st, 2021, a total of 2,698,411 vaccine doses have been...
mental health apps

Can AI Bots Help Your Mental Health?

Let’s admit it. When the pressure of today’s life amps up, all of us have moments when we really need to have someone to...
online courses

7 Incredibly Useful Websites to Develop Your Talents & Skills

Stuck at home this summer? Perhaps you’re staying safe by quarantining? Make the most of your staycation with these super interesting online courses to...
Online Fitness Trainers

4 Online Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow Now

Get that summer beach bod all-year ‘round with easily accessible big-name fitness trainers, right in the palm of your hands. Everything you need to...
sleep better

Reset Your Circadian Rhythms: Sleep Better, Live Better

Ramadan has come and gone, and so, unfortunately, have our normal sleep patterns. The human body works according to an internal timekeeping system known...
Gaia Wellbeing

Gaia: Taking Care of Body, Mind & Soul

Gaia, in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, offers expert clinical and counseling psychologists and psychiatrists available for consultations. In line with Gaia’s holistic approach,...
Personalized Healthcare

Tailored Personalized Healthcare By Dr. Mostafa Hassan

Each of us has a unique DNA, creating predispositions, inherited characteristics and susceptibilities. Why then, should we expect a uniform approach to therapies and...
Declutter Your Brain

Is it Time to Declutter Your Brain?

Burrrn… out. Sound familiar? When our minds become too scrambled to think straight or to remember the last time we had a full night’s...
online therapy

20 Online Therapy Services No One Told You About

Yes, online therapy is a big thing now. Saving people travel time and keeping everyone safe from Covid-19, online therapy has proven to be...