Loris: Loving Lebanese Cuisine at Galleria40

It’s no secret that Lebanese food offers some of the best eating experiences to be had. Knowing where to find the most authentic mouthwatering...

Sax: Upscale Delights at The Address Golf Resort in Marassi

If, like us, you have been drooling in anticipation of the opening of Sax, your wait is over. Your foodie fantasies are now within...

Chiringuito Resto-bar in Seashell: A Latin American-Mediterranean Infusion

The latest addition to the Sanctum Hospitality list of success stories, Chiringuito rolls out some of the most tantalizing bites and coolest cocktails on...
Mistiqa island

Mistiqa Island: Great Egyptian Food in La Vista Bay

While Sa7el is truly something to look forward to each season, there are some quintessentially Cairo ‘faves’ that we can’t help but feel nostalgic...
Bux in Bianchi

Bux: Nothing Beats Brisket in Bianchi

When sea air and sun have helped us work up a healthy appetite, sinking our teeth into a brisket-loaded tortilla is the nearest thing...

NAF: What’s Brewing in Arkan Plaza?

Coffee is something that we take very seriously. It sustains us through long workdays, revives us when we need a boost, and relaxes us...
Makani Beach Club

Makani Beach Club: Great Beach Munching in El Gouna

Sun, sand, wind and sea sounds like a perfect combination to us. Makani Beach Club has all the ingredients for a perfect summer day....

Ni: Italian-Japanese Fusion in Park St.

Even the most jaded palates should get excited at the prospect of a new culinary adventure at Ni in Park St. Who could have...
Zia Amelia

Zia Amelia: The Heart of Italy Transported to El Gouna

Italian cuisine stands out as one of the most loved worldwide. And Zia Amelia upholds the tradition in incomparable style with authentic, beautifully prepared...


El Gouna

El Gouna – A State Of Mind

An El Gouna state of mind evolves when one lives life to the fullest, and builds a life around serenity, balance, growth, and refinement....