Chicken Dukkah Salad Recipe

Crave’s Chicken Dukkah Salad Recipe

Hot weather calls for light choices and this recipe for chicken dukkah salad by Crave is perfect for a light summery lunch that will...

Ni: Italian-Japanese Fusion in Park St.

Even the most jaded palates should get excited at the prospect of a new culinary adventure at Ni in Park St. Who could have...
Orange Hibiscus Ice-pops recipe

Bilhana: Wholefood Recipes from Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco

Bilhana (Egyptian for ‘bon appétit’) brings a contemporary twist to traditional Middle Eastern dishes with the use of healthy cooking methods and the freshest...
Zia Amelia

Zia Amelia: The Heart of Italy Transported to El Gouna

Italian cuisine stands out as one of the most loved worldwide. And Zia Amelia upholds the tradition in incomparable style with authentic, beautifully prepared...

Pier88: Mediterranean Dining in El Gouna

Perfectly positioned in the heart of El Gouna, Pier88 is a great choice when you want to catch up with friends over some excellent...
chocolate chips recipes

9 Ways to Use Chocolate Chips in Your Recipes

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5 Hummus Recipes That Are To Die For

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The Bagel Tree

The Bagel Tree: Bagels Come to El Gouna!

A daily ritual for fans worldwide, the bagel is something we welcome with open arms to the sunny shores of El Gouna. Plain, with...
Chicken in Gouna

Soul Chicken: Could Chicken Get Any Better Than This?

Chicken lovers may find themselves making the trip to El Gouna just to indulge in a chicken-fest to remember. Chicken cooked in so many...