The Tap: Close Encounter with Techno House DJ Yolanda

We had a sit-down with rising star Yolanda whose music made waves in a short period since her debut, and who shared the stage...

Music Scene: Frankey & Sandrino

The DJs, producers and live act duo Frankey & Sandrino joined forces in 2010, they started out as solo artists with Sandrino’s passion for...

Noubi aka Nubia

We had a sit-down with rising star Noubi aka Nubia whose popularity has grown rapidly in a very short period. Noubi’s DJing journey began...

Superstar Yousra Gets Awarded by America Abroad Media

America Abroad Media (AAM) honored Egyptian superstar Yousra at its seventh annual Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C. AAM honors outstanding leaders whose work meets...

November Stars – 2019

Nouran Abutaleb the Young Aspiring Singer

An accomplished law graduate, Nouran AbuTaleb started out singing songs for Fayrouz at Room Art Space and Darb 1718. “I’m very proud that I’ve...


Hend Sabri

We Interviewed 28 Celebrities This Year! Here’s Our 2019 Highlights

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Lexie’s at Lakeview