Castle Development is the Official Sponsor for “Tatweeg” the Organizer of Al Afdal Tournament for Individual & Team Sports

Through sponsoring the tournament, Castle Development continues its support for young Egyptian athletes across various sports

During a press conference held at Helnan Landmark, Castle Development, a company that focuses on developing high-value real estate, and Tatweeg, a website specializing in the coverage of individual and team sports, signed an agreement where Eng. Ahmed Mansour, CEO of Castle Development, Doaa Badr, Editor-in-chief of Tatweeg, and Mr. Mohamed Gad, the sports website’s Chairman and that of G-Global for Marketing & Business Administration, agreed that Castle Development will be among the tournament’s sponsors and the official sponsor for the website.

Providing support for young athletes across Egypt is a part of the company’s social responsibility. “Castle Development has dedicated its attention to youth as part of its CSR and also as part of working in line with the government’s efforts to support Egyptian youth. Young individuals are the ones shaping our futures and the founding pillars of societies, so we work to provide them with the support they need across the board, and that includes sports,” Eng. Mansour explained.

He went on to stress the significance of such sponsorships saying “A website focusing on and highlighting the lineup of different individual and team sports in Egypt is significantly in demand, especially as most portals tend to solely focus on covering news about football. Another reason why this is a wonderful opportunity is that it allows us to sponsor this remarkable tournament of Al Adfal, organized by Tatweeg, which stands as a beacon of hope to young athletes who are excelling in various sports and need to be recognized.”

In order to interact with the public and ensure they become part of the tournament, “Tatweeg will also work to engage with audiences by allowing them to vote for their favorite players and teams on our Facebook page then choosing 5 winners possessing the highest engagement rates to win USD 200,” Gad added.

“Al Afdal” tournament is considered one of the most significant individual and team sports tournaments, which introduces 19 events, each possessing 5 competitors including young and older athletes, Paralympians, coaches, referees, and administrators.

The tournament also presents a lineup of awards including Best Achievement in Sports, Best Federation, Best Referee, Miss Sports, and an award for best community services.

Throughout the tournament, audiences choose their favorite players by casting their votes, which represent 60% of the total amount of votes, followed by sports critics who vote for athletes through a special website. Winners will be announced during a ceremony set to take place on Saturday, March 13, 2021.

Castle Development focuses on the development of high-end real estate projects in Egypt, including residential, commercial, and administrative developments. Established in 2018, the company possesses a paid capital of EGP 1 billion, with investments in the New Capital alone worth EGP 4.5 billion spread across its three projects in the area including their flagship project of Castle Landmark, the commercial project of East Side, as well as another commercial endeavor currently under construction.

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