Cash Cows

When your business is in need of a consultant, when you want to make professional connections, or expand your business network, Cash Cows is where to go. A chat with CEO Ahmed Reda gave us a clear idea of what it’s all about.

In a nutshell, what is Cash Cows?

At Cash Cows, we’re money makers. We deliver quantifiable results, based on a well-tested methodology, our solid experience that spans across all market segments, and our vast network of diverse industry professionals. Our multifaceted team of specialists has hands-on business experience that goes hand-in-hand with delivering excellence, every single time. We work with you to analyze your most critical business priorities, then set a fail-proof plan to begin the journey of success. Our bold ideas, pragmatic solutions, and immense network are guaranteed to transform your business into a cash cow.

Can you please introduce your team?

We’re a group of four dynamic partners who come from very diverse backgrounds. Being malleable has allowed us to quickly adapt and learn the ins-and-outs of entire establishments, hence providing focused expertise to transform, develop and grow businesses for long-term success. Each one of us has successfully launched and monetized at least three companies over the course of our career. Being known to completely immerse ourselves in organizations, our passion and dedication have allowed us to form strong ties with everyone, from business professionals to government officials and booming entrepreneurs. Our vast network and diverse experiences enable us to help you find answers to your most pressing questions.

How did the idea come about, and how long did it take to get things off the ground?

The idea sparked when we determined the rapid growth of innovative and value-driven startups in Egypt. Cash Cows took off in a year. Being in the entrepreneurial scene for a combined total of 35 years has helped us expand our knowledge across all sectors and market segments. Thus, we want to support start-ups in honing their operations and strategies to successfully grow and build better brands that withstand the test of time, as well as bridging the gap between old processes (experience) and new methods (solutions), hence enabling clients to conduct business effectively across all boundaries.

What are the top things to take into consideration when launching a new venture?

Four top things to consider when launching a new venture are team, partners, funding plan and execution. It is fundamental for startup businesses to do their market research to analyze their potential growth in the targeted industry. The right team and partners will definitely help execute the business plan and gravitate more ideas that will add value to the business and its services.

How did you overcome any challenges that cropped up?

There are a lot of successful startup ideas, however, it was a challenge to discover innovative/new ideas especially in a big market place like Egypt. A lot of startups chase the idea of being innovative when it is simpler to showcase expertise, processes and results. In this case, we would help make sure that startups share their “idea” with their clients effectively through modern methods, by conducting reports, and holding meetings with them on their day-to-day business decisions.

Where do you think Egypt stands compared to other countries in terms of projects like Cash Cows?

Egypt is definitely considered home to a wave of entrepreneurs, innovators and investors that are more knowledgeable and experienced as the population adapts to technology in daily life. Compared to other countries in the Middle East, we do think it comes second after the UAE as the fastest startup ecosystem.

What type of projects and initiatives have you had a hand in helping get off the ground? 

We are currently assisting startups in diverse industries, including travel, interior design, e-payment technology, and health and fitness. There are a lot of exciting upcoming projects that we do foresee booming.


Contact info:

Address: Villa 5, Farid El Attrash St., 1st Settlement,New Cairo.

Tel: 0111 499 9910


Facebook: @cashcowsbusiness

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