Casareccio brings the taste of Italy to Cairo with authentic Italian dishes curated by Carlo Giovanni. Casareccio roughly translates to “home-cooking” in Italian and the menu is filled with authentic dishes that bring the mantra to life.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Just like Nonna’s kitchen there are no signature dishes because guests are expected to eat everything! It would not be a truly memorable trip to Casareccio without trying the homemade pasta made from scratch, the fresh-to-order pizza or the handmade gnocchi.

To start we chose to sit outside to watch the sunset and grabbed a fresh juice and coffee while we previewed the twenty-page menu at Casareccio. To start our meal, we had tempura battered calamari: crispy, fresh and complemented with a delicious tartar sauce, the hearty potato croquettes, and finally, the buffalo mozzarella sending us over the edge with its rich taste. Biting off far more than we could chew, we decided to try all three of the signature Italian dishes starting with the Ricotta Ravioli. Ravioli has big shoes to fill and this homemade masterpiece was rich in flavor and stood out with its attention to detail. Each piece of raviloi was fresh and stuffed perfectly with cheese contrasting the sharpness of the tomato sauce. The Pesto Gnocchi was just as memorable with just the right amount of pesto and cheese. As the Don Livio Pizza came out fresh from the oven we thought it would be hard to top the two previous main courses but were again surprised with the mouthwatering flavors of the goat cheese, arugula, cherry tomato, and mozzarella. Wishing we had infinite space to eat into the night we decided to end our meal with the classic tiramisu and chocolate cheesecake.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

The menu was extensive and could have fed us for a week but we decided on our next trip that the fresh fish, veal, and cannelloni cannot be missed. Casareccio also serves breakfast and lunch items including eggs and burgers so stopping in for a daytime bite was also appealing.

Beverage options include soft drinks ranging from hot to cold.

Décor & Ambience

Rustic wood, metal accents, and deep reds make up the simple decor that is effective in creating an atmosphere that is upscale but also comfortable.

The ambience is relaxed and inviting with quaint indoor and outdoor seating areas to accommodate couples, families, or groups. The restaurant is designed to evoke the feeling of home and does just that with neutral colors, soft lighting, and pops of color.

Hot Tip: The outdoor eating area is beautiful and cozy so if you’re heading to Casareccio for a late dinner and want to sit outside, pack a sweater or light jacket.

Clientele mix: Mixed clientele.

Price range:  For the portion size and quality the menu is very affordably priced.

Contact information
Address: Moustafa Kamel Axis, First Settlement
Hours: 12 pm to 12 am
Phone Number: 02 2328 1606
Facebook and Instagram: casareccioeg