Carbon Char Grill

Carbon Gastronomic Grill stands out at the new extension of Mall of Arabia for its food, atmosphere, and philosophy that a noble product has to be transformed in a respectful way to preserve its very essence and its purity.

Using Josper, Carbon’s theme is to bring you healthy high-quality food with intense smoked and roasted aromas that only cooking on fire can give.

By Aliaa Elsherbini

Type of cuisine: Modern cuisine on a Spanish grill.

Signature Dishes 

Carbon’s concept revolves around high-quality charcoal-grilled steak, slow-roasted chicken, quality seafood, and its’ Eastern-European inspired Chimney Cake, also cooked on the charcoal grill, and you can customize how you like.

Dishes Sampled

Dining at Carbon means a tender piece of prime quality meat sourced from Argentina, the USA and Australia. To start, we were served a rich tomato soup with freshly baked bread—made in-house and served straight out of the oven.

Then came a refreshing salad of green leaves, seeds, quinoa, and dried cranberries for a delicious sweet kick to the light cream dressing drizzled on top. Then it was time for the highly-awaited main course, the steak with Josper potatoes and grilled vegetables.

The fillet steak was juicy with a nice crispy exterior, accompanied by two equally delicious sauces, a buttery Béarnaise and a brown creamy mushroom sauce, along with crispy Josper baby potatoes. The potatoes were well seasoned and grilled to golden perfection. At Carbon, they use the Josper oven to bring out maximum flavor in a healthy way, even in pasta and rice dishes.

Other Menu Items that Appealed

This gastronomic grill restaurant also offers a well-rounded breakfast menu with eggs cooked in different ways, Josper Charcoal Shakshuka, sandwiches and house-made bread.

The beverage menu has an enticing range of hot and cold beverages that include fruit coladas, smoothies, and charcoal heated Turkish coffee and teas. The kitchen offers charcoal-oven pizza, cold cuts, and pasta.

Décor & Ambiance

Carbon resides in a spacious two-story venue with both an outdoor seating area and a terrace overlooking The Park at Mall of Arabia. The terrace is the perfect place for birthday bashes and private events.

The indoor area is modern with vintage vibes thanks to the big and comfortable leather seats, the open kitchen, the Mercado and Dulce sections, and the vintage decor that includes a food elevator. The food elevator adds charm to the venue, where plates of food can arrive at your table on the second floor without the waiter having to carry them up.Carbon Char Grill

Clientele mix: Ideal for groups of friends, business lunches, birthdays, family gatherings, one-on-one dinners, and private events.

Contact information:

Opening hours: 9:30 am to 11 pm

Address: Mall of Arabia, 6th of October City, The Park, Gate 9

Catering Service Available

Tel: 20 2 3826 0372 – 02 38260374


Instagram: @carbonegyptrestaurant

Facebook: @carbonegyptrestaurant