Who doesn’t love a good burger? So, when the craving hits, it helps to know where to hunt down a tasty, juicy, mouthwatering burger.

Signature Dishes

Burger 1916 takes much pride in its’ secret bun recipe and a special assortment of sauces.

Menu Overview

The menu is essentially made up of meat and chicken burgers, hot dogs, fries and plenty of sauces. We began with choosing the Awesome Blossom Burger and the Mexican Burger while sipping on our bottles of Spiro Spathis, reminiscing about the past.

The Awesome Blossom is a fat burger patty topped with cheddar and layered with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and golden crispy onion rings. For this option, we were recommended the ranch sauce, which perfectly complemented the onion rings and the meat.

The Mexican Burger is also a melted cheddar cheeseburger on a bed of lettuce, topped by grilled bell peppers and onions, sprinkled with jalapenos and an amazingly rich, spicy sauce. You cannot say Mexican without being extra hot.

We were then treated to the Cranburg, a sweet and sour option made with cranberry jam, Swiss cheese and lettuce, a pleasant surprise. Overall, the patties were packed with flavor and reliably juicy. A meatless option is also available, which is a zucchini-based vegetarian burger. As our tasting continued we sampled the many different types of sauces (we counted 13 on the menu) with fries.

We must say it is quite impressive the number of sauces you can top your burger with, and your fries can be served Texas-style topped with chili con carne. A meal on its own.

Beverages: Soft drinks with a special mention to the iconic Spiro Spathis.

Reviewers Tip: As for sauce recommendations with the burger you chose.


Burger 1916 is located in a wooden container and is easily spotted from street level. The outdoor includes a few tables and chairs spread comfortably around the area.

Price Range: Within the average for a gourmet burger.

Contact information

Opening hours: 12 pm to 10:30 pm

Address: IC Group Life Mall (behind AUC), New Cairo

Tel: 0110 116 1916

Facebook and Instagram: @1916burger

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