By Zainab AbdulAziz

We’ve been following the buzz surrounding this Milanese restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo for weeks, so we eagerly jumped at the chance to visit. The menu heavily leans on seafood, boasting a glass display with fish and shellfish. Alaskan King Crab or Canadian Lobster, anyone? The distinctive Mediterranean fusion is crafted by Italian Chef Cristian Lisci, and we ended our midweek dinner blown away.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled Bullona Milanese Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel

Their signatures include Raw Marinated Plateau, Brioche Bread foie gras and Scallop Bruschetta, Pacchero Seafood, Grouper with Smoked Potato Crust, Plateau Teppanyaki, and Tiramisu. For starters, we selected the tasting plateau of raw marinated tartare; mounds of delectable fresh raw red tuna, salmon, sea bass and yellow tail dressed in extra virgin olive oil and lime zest. Our platter came with a selection of dressings to sample with the chopped fish; spicy mango, avocado mash and ponzu sauce. Simply put, the tartare is divine and can’t be missed.

Our bruschetta arrived next; the crispy bocconcino, shrimp and avocado and the foie gras and scallop, both nestled on a square of brioche bread. Both were delightful; and it must be noted that the combination of the scallop and foie gras was unexpectedly good! We didn’t expect the two tastes would mesh so well together.

Nothing could quite prepare us for the signature dish we tasted next. The Grouper with Smoked Potato Crust packs a powerful punch of flavor and crunch. The crispy grated potato combined with the flaky delicate tasting fish fillet makes this innovative dish a feast for the senses. Could we leave an Italian restaurant without sampling pasta? Not likely. The linguine with shrimp, basil and almond grains was a lovely dish laden with super tender shrimp in a light olive oil dressing.

Feeling quite satisfied and without much space left for dessert, we opted to push through and sample the Tiramisu and Mont Rouge, a mix of meringue, Chantilly cream and wild berries. We are so grateful for the decision to go for dessert! The Mont Rouge was to die for and Bullona’s take on Tiramisu is a creamier and more pudding-like version of the Italian classic, which we enjoyed immensely. Bullona Milanese Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel

Ambience & Beverage Options Available

Mellow and modern perfectly describe this venue. Sleek marble tabletops and plush grey couches line the space, while larger tables dominate the center of the space along with a long and spacious full bar, helmed by Armando and Olivia, serving spectacular cocktails, mocktails, a full wine list, soft drinks and hot beverages.

Other Menu Items that Appealed

Everything on the menu is worth trying, but we would certainly sample more of Bullona’s raw marinated offerings.

Clientele Mix: Cairo’s jet set, the occasional star sighting, and hotel guests of course.

Price Range: High, but well-worth the expense.

Worth Noting: After midnight, a limited menu of bites and nibbles is on offer, as local and international DJs entertain the night owls.

Contact Information:

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 8 pm to 3 am
Address: Four Seasons Hotel Cairo, 2nd floor – Garden City
Tel: 0103 083 7111 – 02 2791 7000

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