Launched in 2015 on the North Coast as a premium food truck, BRGR has established itself as a go-to spot for a quick, delicious bite. In the years since, the operations have expanded to include additional trucks along the coast and a sit-down restaurant in Diplo during the summer months, a moving service between SODIC and NEWGIZA in Cairo, and catering services for events and parties. We were excited to see BRGR’s first brick and mortar store in Mall of Arabia’s new phase, and quickly headed there for our BRGR fix!

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

The menu is small, but mighty and everything is signature! The minds behind BRGR also add an additional item for each new outlet opening, so the MOA branch heralded in a lovely salad menu for veggie lovers.

We honestly wanted to try everything, so we crammed in as much as our stomachs could handle! The concept of sliders and sides is great, because you don’t have to struggle with feeling too heavy. We sampled the original beef burger, the J-Bomb, the Chicken Burger, and the Buffalo Chicken burger along with a side of Regular Fries and BRGR Fries.

Simple and fresh, each of the burgers was a perfectly balanced portion. The Buffalo Chicken is particularly good, with a light and crispy batter smothered in spicy buffalo sauce. The special BRGR sauce is delicious and marries well with the beef patty, and even if you order chicken, you can enjoy the sauce when you order the BRGR Fries – smothered in cheese and BRGR sauce. Similarly, if you opt for beef burgers and want to sample the chicken, you can order the Chicken or Buffalo Bites to try out all the flavors. There are eight dips on offer at BRGR for dunking bites, fries and burgers into; we sampled the ranch, honey mustard, tangy BBQ, and cheese sauce.

To cap off the meal, we tried the Caramel Ice Cream Sundae and the Mini Pancakes topped with both Nutella and Lotus. Absolutely sinful and delicious, both highly recommended!

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

We’ll be back to sample the salad menu! The Moroccan Salad particularly looks good. A selection of hot and iced drinks, smoothies and soft drinks are available.

Décor & Ambience

Industrial chic with booths, high table picnic seating and exposed piping. The interior is like a modern, open-style factory container with comfy seating. The service is professional and speedy.

Clientele mix: Lots of young diners heading to BRGR for their fix of burgers, fries and sundaes. Happy families wandering in from the mall are also regular visitors.

Price range: Prices are above average for sliders, but it’s worth the treat.

Contact Information

Opening hours:  11 am to 12 am

Address: Mall of Arabia – Phase 2

Facebook/ Instagram: @thebrgrtruck