Boulevard at Capital Promenade

We all need a relaxing spot where we can get together with friends for a bite, or bring the family together for a leisurely meal, and Boulevard in Sheikh Zayed hits just the right note with its international cuisine.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Their signature dishes are Buffalo Chicken Casserole, Buttered Halloumi, Hot Chicken Balls, Salmon Paupiette, Rib Eye Steak, and Chicken Milano.

After a long day at the office, our appetites were primed so without further ado we passed our order to the friendly, attentive waiter. First things first, we got to work on long, cool mango smoothies.

Refreshing and just right for sipping on while we waited for our soup. Nothing beats a tomato soup in winter in our opinion, and Boulevard came out a winner. The soup arrived piping hot, in a charming tureen complete with lid, accompanied by a dish of freshly made croutons. The smiley face on the soup, created with slurps of fresh cream, won us over and would be a hit with kids, we are sure.

Just as we were scraping up the last spoonful our Hot Chicken Balls arrived, along with a large portion of Nachos in a Can. Confused? Don’t be. The nachos do actually come in a can, which is upended onto a plate in front of you, oozing all sorts of cheesy deliciousness mixed with ground beef. Of course, the usual accompaniments of sour cream, tomato and onion and guacamole were there too, so we set to munching.

The deep-fried Hot Chicken Balls were crisp on the outside, and beautifully soft inside with a nicely seasoned mix of finely ground chicken and cheese. Just right for plonking into the Louisiana Mayo Dip that came alongside.

That soon made way for a large plate of Creamy Chicken Pasta. Italian tagliatelle, cooked precisely al dente came bathed in a creamy spinach sauce, loaded with pan-seared garlic chicken, mushroom and a liberal topping of Parmesan cheese. By this point we had stopped counting calories, it would have been a pointless exercise.

Throwing caution to the wind we opted to share a sinfully rich, blueberry-topped cheesecake. As with every dish we had tried, it came in an almost embarrassingly generous portion, but we did our best to finish every last mouthful.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

The wood-fired pizzas had us salivating, and the burgers looked inviting as well. The menu is varied and quite long, so there is plenty of choice. Beverages include all soft options, but with a good range of juices, shakes, smoothies etc., in addition to hot beverages.

Décor and Ambience

Seating is both indoor and outdoor on the spacious terrace area. The color scheme is neutral, with tables in both marble and attractive, contemporary wood. Service was prompt, friendly and attentive, so we had no waiting time between courses. There is a large indoor wall screen for entertainment, and shisha is served outdoors, where large space heaters keep away the evening chill.

Clientele Mix: On our visit other diners were a mix of couples, groups of friends, families and even a few singles tapping away on their laptops. We do think that this is a perfect spot for families, as the large portions can easily be shared and there are plenty of kid-friendly items to choose from.

Worth Noting

Both takeaway and delivery are available.

Price Range: Very affordable.

Thumbs Up: Boulevard does its bit for the environment by using paper straws.

Top Tip: The breakfast menu is pretty amazing, with some fantastic sounding options. Definitely on our list of things to do on the weekend.

Contact Information

Opening hours: Breakfast from 8 am until 2 pm, and the full menu from 2 pm until 1 am.

Address: The Promenade, Capital Business Park, Sheikh Zayed;Boulevard

Tel: 0109 984 7471

Facebook: BoulevardCairo

Instagram: boulevardcairo

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