body language

Knowing a little about body language is always interesting. We decided to dig deeper to learn everything about how to tell if someone is attracted to you just by looking at their body language. Here are some physical signs that show if someone is attracted to you.

By Mariam Elhamy

Did you know that your body never lies? Even if you pretend to be totally immersed in a conversation with someone but you just want to walk out the door your body will be looking in that direction.

You can tell a lot from someone’s body language and here are the secrets of the craft of communicating nonverbally. You know they like you if:

  1. They lean towards you, a person always wants to be closer to the subject of their admiration so if you find them always closing the gap to be closer to you it might be a sign of attraction. body language
  2. They remove physical barriers between you to create a clear pathway to let you into their personal space. Again, this makes you feel physically closer and makes it easier for them to reach out to you. body language
  3. They hold an open posture with arms and legs uncrossed.
  4. You see them blushing. Be mindful of the context though because they might be flushed if it’s warm or they feel embarrassed or humiliated. But blushing can be an indicator of a rush of adrenaline or excitement to be with you.body language
  5. They look upward at your face rather than down at their feet, the table, or their phone. body language
  6. They smile a lot, pay attention to what you are saying and mirror what you are doing (stealing your hand gestures, position, blinking and breathing pattern.
  7. Their voice changes. Men tend to deepen their voice to appear more dominant while women turn to a high-pitched tone to stand out and be noticed by the person they are attracted to.body language
  8. If their pupils dilate when they look at you it could be a powerful sign of attraction.
  9. Sweaty palms could mean that they are nervous around you.

You know a man likes you if he flexes, raises an eyebrow, sits with his legs open and shoulders relaxed, stands with his hands on his hips and keeps eye contact. body language

You know a woman likes you if she strokes her hair, licks her lips, tilts her head to one side, keeps her purse out of the way, displays her wrists often, touches your shoulder, hair or hands.

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