Biggest Egyptian Trap Hits

The year 2020 is coming to an end and since music was one of our companions that got us through all the hard times we’re dedicating this list to the biggest trap hits of 2020. Hope you like these!

By Mariam Elhamy

Dorak Gai – Wegz

Dorak Gai made a huge buzz with its electro video and cool beats. Wegz outdid himself again after his notorious Bazzet Khales.

Fokak – Double Zuksh Ft. 3enba 

Oriental beats and trap have established themselves to be a great combo! That’s what we hear in Fokak, where Double Zuksh is dissing his enemies.

Sheraton – Marwan Moussa 

Marwan Moussa appears in a new look in Sheraton. The video depicts him in a party in some apartment with girls dancing and a pole. He pretends to fish in the pool while everyone parties.

El Gemeza – Marwan Pablo x Molotof

Alexandria gave us a lot of trappers these past few months. Talking of the great Alexandria, Marwan Pablo sits in a truck as he talks about El Gemeza.

Pluto – Dizzy Too Skinny x Afroto

The hallucinations video is enough to make you feel that you’re on Pluto but the music is pretty popular as well.

21 – Wegz

Let’s not forget Wegz’s 21 which we always stumble on the numbers and lyrics but still love to listen to anyway!

Mesa – Abyusif

Shot in an indoor parking lot, Mesa still managed to get more than a million views and that’s because of Abyusif’s talent in songwriting and capturing the audience.

Barat – Abo El Anwar  

A clever video and cool lyrics. Each time Barat comes on in the car we can’t help but sing along out loud.

Beera – Batistuta

New on the scene, Batistuta made a strong hit with Beera. We’re excited to see what he has in store for us next.

On a Regular – Vli Weezy

On a Regular’s fun tune and moving lyrics gets us dancing every time. It’s one of those trap hits you just can’t help but move to.

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