Bifto Turkish Cuisine in New Cairo

The story of Bifto is many years in the making and the mantra is simple: good food and good people. Nestled in Patio Food Court, a dining hub off North 90 Street, this restaurant offers authentic Turkish cuisine for those who love meat. Bifto Turkish Cuisine in New Cairo

Signature Drinks & Dishes  

Fruit juice cocktails are a must and visitors absolutely cannot leave without trying one of the signature lamb dishes: lamb kebob, rack of lamb, lamb neck, or lamb shoulder.

Dishes & Drinks Sampled 

To start, we had the house soup, goat cheese salad and every single cold mezze on the menu. The lineup of starters was perfect and filling, the creamy chicken soup paired perfectly with the tangy salad dressing on the goat cheese salad. The cold mezze transported us to the streets of Istanbul with each bite.

For mains, we chose the Adana Kebab, Mixed Grill Skewers, and Saslik. After marinating for four days the Saslik was tender and flavorful, thinly sliced beef grilled to perfection. The Adana Kebab was only mildly spicy but rich in taste served with grilled tomatoes, peppers, and onions. Both dishes were prepared perfectly, but the pièce de résistance was the Mixed Grill Skewers plate. This two-person platter offers an incredible amount of food with chicken, beef, and lamb skewers – each bursting with their own individual flavors.

To wrap things up, we ordered the hot cider, hot chocolate, and the Pineapple Show dessert. The unique treat brilliantly combines grilled pineapple topped with ice cream, cinnamon, and coconut. A must try for those who love to end with a sweet treat!

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverage Options

The pasta and burger menu. Bifto make a Fettuccine Alfredo with fresh mushrooms and cream sauce that sounds like perfect comfort food. The Gourmet Burger is a house specialty for those that are burger connoisseurs.

Bifto offers a wide variety of beverages including sodas, milkshakes, smoothies, fresh juices, and hot drinks.

Bifto Turkish Cuisine in New Cairo

Décor & Ambience  

The décor is simple and cozy with large tables for sharing and comfy chairs that make you want to stay and order one more dessert. While many restaurants focus on décor and theme, it is clear that Bifto focuses on food above all else.

The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, inviting guests to partake in a four-course meal or tea with friends. The restaurant has mixed indoor and outdoor seating with large glass windows giving the space a Mediterranean feel.

Clientele mix: A mix of families and businessmen chatting over good food.

Price range: The prices on the menu are fair with various dishes being a bit pricier due to the high-quality meat ingredients.

Contact information

Address: Patio Food Court, 37 N90 Street, 5th District
Opening hours: 9 am till 1 am
Tel: 0121 210 0091
Facebook/ Instagram: @biftocuisine

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